60-Day Challenge

What is the One Club 60-Day Challenge?
The One Club 60-Day Challenge is a health & fitness campaign aimed at helping our members achieve their personal health & fitness goals.

What type of goal could I have?
We know that people’s goals are as diverse as they are – it’s not just the usual weight loss challenge! Generally, everyone’s goals can fall into one of 4 broad categories: Train (getting ready to take part in a race), Shape (weight loss), Active (improve general fitness levels) and Gain (looking to develop muscle). You can use these categories to help you set your own goal.

How do I sign up?
The 60-Day Challenge is open to all One Club members (and other categories of members) and signing up is easy! All you have to do is decide what your 60-day challenge will be and then arrange and speak to a member of our team.

What happens next?
We will then work with you to agree on a programme that will help you achieve your challenge. You will be asked to make a commitment to visit one of our centres an average of 3 times per week. Your start off measurements will be taken by a member of our team and noted on your own 60-day Challenge pledge card. You must retain this card for the duration of your 60-day challenge. Live Borders cannot be responsible for lost or damaged cards. Failure to submit your original card at the end of your 60 days means you cannot be entered into the prize draw.

How will you measure my success?
We will measure success on an individual basis based on what you want to achieve and your starting position. This will be based on your personal goal but will fall into one of 4 categories:

  • Train: Ability to run, cycle or swim a certain distance within a certain time
  • Shape: Weight loss measured by scales and tape measure
  • Active: Ability to run, cycle or swim a certain distance within a certain time
  • Gain: Ability to lift a certain weight and measurement of muscles diameter

Do I need to be a member to take part?
Yes, you need to be a member to participate. The main element of the 60-day challenge is a commitment to go to the gym, take part in a class or go for a swim an average of 3 times per week. Being a member is the best value option for achieving your 3 visits per week (you can go more if you want!)

What could I win?
The lucky winner (the person who meets or exceeds their goal by the biggest margin) will win a £500 gift voucher for a store of their choosing from a pre-agreed list of stores. 2nd place will win a £250 voucher and 3rd place will win a £100 voucher

When can I sign up?
Sign up is open on Tuesday 3rd January until Monday 16th January 2017. You have 60 days from your start date to complete the challenge. The 60-day Challenge closes on Friday 17th March 2017.

Can I take more than 60-days?
Unfortunately, you cannot take more than 60 days to complete your challenge. You will have 2 days to meet up with a member of the health & fitness team to get your final measurement certified, at which time your pledge card will be marked with your achievement, signed off by the team member and retained for submission into the competition.

What if I don’t visit the centres three times per week?
We'd encourage you to attend an average of 3 times a week, so if you know you're going to miss a session why not put in double time, so you don't fall behind!

Sign up at your nearest centre from 3rd to 16th January 2017 and tell us about #my60days

For more information please email: blamb@liveborders.org.uk

This competition complies with Live Borders terms and conditions, which can be found here: https://goo.gl/U4tYUV