Competitor Information

Competitor Pack

Sunday 14th April
Eyemouth Sunday 17th June
Hawick Sunday TBC
Kelso Sunday 12th August
Peebles Sun 23rd September

Galashiels Saturday 13th April
Eyemouth Saturday 17th June
Hawick Sunday TBC
Kelso Sunday 12th August
Peebles Saturday 22nd September

Peebles Sunday 16th September

Sunday 20th May

Series consists of a minimum of 4 events • Standard distance triathlon at Selkirk and the Duathlon at Peebles •


Galashiels Saturday 13th April

Selkirk Sunday 20th May

Peebles Saturday 22nd September

Galashiels Triathlon

Galashiels Swimming Pool, Livingstone Place, Galashiels TD1 1DQ
T: 01896 752154   E:

Selkirk Triathlon
Selkirk Leisure Centre & Caravan Park, Victoria Park, Buccleuch Road, Selkirk TD7 5DN
T: 01750 20897   E:

Peebles Triathlon
Peebles Swimming Pool, Port Brae, Peebles EH45 8AW
T: 01721 720779   E:

Hawick Triathlon
Teviotdale Leisure Centre, Mansfield Road, Hawick TD9 8AG
T: 01450 374440   E:

Kelso Triathlon
Kelso Swimming Pool, Inch Road, Kelso TD5 7JP
T: 01573 224944   E:

Eyemouth Triathlon
Eyemouth Leisure Centre, North Street, Eyemouth TD14 5ET
T: 01890 750557   E:

Peebles Duathlon
Peebles Swimming Pool, Port Brae, Peebles EH45 8AW
T: 01721 720779   E:

The results for each event will be posted on our website within 2 days. Any queries regarding the results please contact Neil Renton on 01750 700110.

Parking is available at Galashiels Acadmey which is located near the swimming pool. There will be no parking in the swimming pool car park as this will be sealed off for the transition area. Please avoid parking on Livingstone Place.

Ample parking is available at the Leisure Centre.

Limited parking available in the public car park, located behind the swimming pool.
Additional parking is available at Kings Meadow Car Park, Kings Meadow Road which is
located just past the swimming pool, over the bridge on the right.

Ample parking is available at Teviotdale Leisure Centre.

There will be no parking at the actual centre as this will be closed off. Parking is available in Edenside School car park, Edenside Surgery car park and Kelso High School. All of these locations are a short distance from the swimming pool.

There will be no parking at the actual centre as this will be closed off. Parking will be available
at the Co-op car park which is next to the Leisure Centre and also in the Tavern Pub car park.
A marshall will be on hand to direct traffic.


Registration for all the events (excluding the Saturday Come and Tri’s which are one hour before start times, see below) will be from 07.00 - 08.35, and will take place in a designated area within each of the facilities.
At registration you will be issued with your swim cap (for triathlons), informed of what swim heat and lane you will be swimming in and have your competitor number drawn on your leg and arms.
All competitors who have a race licence number must bring their card along with them to each event as this will be required to be shown. Failure to produce a licence will incur a
£5.00 charge.
Maps for both the run and cycle routes will be displayed in the registration area and copies will be available.

Start times
All events (excluding the Saturday Come and Tri’s) in the 2018 Series have a start time of 9.00.
For the Triathlons this will mean that the first swim heat will start at 9am and for the Duathlons all competitors will start their first run at 9am. It should be noted that where sprint and Come & Tri events take place on the same day, the Come & Tri event will start once all swim heats in the sprint event have been completed.
Come and Tri events start as follows: Eyemouth 12.00, Galashiels 13.00 and Peebles 13.00.

Junior events start as follow: Galashiels 9.30, Selkirk TBC, Peebles 9.30

Race Briefing
The race briefing will take place at 08.40 at each event. Competitors will be informed at registration the exact location as to where the race briefing will take place. It is the responsibility of each competitor to make sure that they attend the briefing.
The briefing will provide details on all the elements of the event, with specific details of race rules, transition areas, and the cycle and run routes. There will be an opportunity at the end
of the briefing to ask any questions that you may still have.

Swim Times
Should you wish to alter your estimated swim time, please use your personal user name and password, issued when you registered, to access and alter the swim time and details, and click the update button.
It is your responsibility to ensure your swim time is correct. This should be completed no less than 7 days prior to the event you are competing in.
Failure to submit the correct swim time may result in being seeded in a swim heat either much faster or slower than anticipated.
An additional cost may be incurred should you require Live Borders staff to alter your swim time.
Entries for all events close 7 days prior to race day. There will be no exceptions.

At each event the following prizes will be awarded.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall (female) 1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall (male)
1st Senior (female)                1st Senior (male)
1st Junior (female)                 1st Junior (male)
1st Veteran (female)              1st Veteran (male)
1st Super Veteran (female)    1st Super Veteran (male)
1st Vintage (female)              1st Vintage (male)
1st Come & Tri (female) - Triathlon events only 1st Come & Tri (male) - Triathlon events only.

The winners of the overall series will be awarded at Peebles where the final event in the
Series takes place. To compete in the Overall Series a competitor must compete in a minimum of 4 events. A competitors best 4 scores will be used for calculating the Overall Series winners. Duathlon results are included in the overall scores.

Junior Triathlon series: competitors must have completed all 3 races to be eligible to win the overall series.

Each competitor is automatically entered into one of the above categories eg Senior or
Vintage etc, according to their date of birth given on the entry form.

Category           Age as at 31st Dec 2018
Junior               16 - 21yrs
Senior              Under 40yrs
Veteran            Over 40yrs
Super Veteran  Over 50yrs
Vintage            Over 60yrs

Competitors are required to attend prize giving in order to receive their prize and agree
to have their photo taken.

All route maps for both the cycle and run elements are available by logging on to our website.
For information on the cycle and run routes prior to each event please contact the race coordinator at each site. Contact details listed on page 2. Route maps will be displayed at each facility on the day of the event.
Every effort is taken to ensure that the actual distances for all the cycle and run routes are as
close to the stated sprint/come & tri distances as possible. Exact distances will be displayed
on the day of the event.

Event FAQ's

When entering and competing in Live Borders events you may have one or two queries. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What is meant by a “race licence”?
A. A race licence is the membership number issued to competitiors who  become members of the sport's governing body. You do not need a race licence to compete but we would encourage you to support your sport and take up membership. Please note that this is not your club membership.

Q. Why are “non licence” competitors charged a higher entry fee?
A. For every competitor who enters an event, there is a levy which race organisers have to pay to the gorning body of the sport. This levy covers things like insurance. Quite simply the levy we have to pay for “non licenced” competitors is higher than “licenced” competitors and this is reflected in the entry fee.

Q. What is the difference between “Sprint” and “Come & Tri”
A. Quite simply it is the actual distance of each phase. The “Come & Tri” is roughly half the distance of the “Sprint” distance, making the “Come & Tri” suitable for novice and first time competitors.

Q. Do I have to have a race bike or a triathlon suit to take part?
A. No. Our events are aimed at seasoned competitors and those who just want to have a go. As long as your bike is road worthy you can take part. However you will not be allowed to compete if you do not have a helmet! As far as clothing is concerned, wear what you are comfortable with, a swim suit, followed by leggings/t shirt etc are perfectly acceptable.

Q. My swim time has changed since I first registered should I let you know?
A. Accurate swim times are vital for triathlons as the order in which you take part, depends on which swim heat & lane you are in and this information is determined by the swim time that you provide. Having an inaccurate swim time will not only affect your race but will also have an effect on the other swimmers in your lane. To alter your swim time, log back onto the online account that you set up when you registered and alter your swim time there. Only you can do this as you created a password when you entered.

Q. When is the latest I can amend my swim time?
A. Changes should not be made any later than 7 days prior to an event as this information may not be recognised.

Q. What information will I receive prior to an event?
A. When you enter an event you will receive a confirmation email. This is an indication that your entry has been successful. Included in this email there is a link to a pdf file which is for the “Competitor Pack”, this pack provides you with the information you require for all the events that we organise. If you are unable to open the pdf file you can view and print off a “competitor pack” from our website.

Q. Will I be notified of what swim heat I am in, and estimated start time prior to the day of the event?
A. No. This information will only be available at registration. The reason for this is that the heats will not be finalised until a couple of days before each event as this allows for withdrawals etc to be taken into account. Event briefings take place 15 minutes before the event start time.

Q. Can I access the Transition Area at any time?
A. The transition areas are closed to entrants following the event briefing.

Q. What is the minimum age to enter?
A. The minimum age for entries is 16 years old on the day of the event.

Q. Rules
The event will be run under the rules of the sport's governing body. Please click here for details.

Registration for triathlons will open on Monday 4th December 2017

Triathlon enquiries:

Entry Terms and Conditions

• Live Borders may have a photographer present at races. The photos taken may be used by Live Borders to promote future events and will be managed accordingly.
• In the event of a competitor cancellation, please note no refunds will be given.
• In the event of cancellation by the organisers, a full refund or entry to a future event, within the same calendar year, will be given subject to availability.

Please do not enter this event without first carefully reading and considering the following:

• I accept that this event is conducted under the sport's governing body rules and conditions and I agree to acquaint myself with and abide by those rules and any organisers instructions.
• I am aware that my cycle must be in a roadworthy condition and am prepared to submit my cycle for official scrutiny prior to the event. I know of no physical or medical impediment that would render my participation in this event undesirable.
• I understand that these events are an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental fitness and has with it the potential of death or serious injury or property loss. The risks of participation include, but are not restricted to, weather conditions, road traffic, behaviour of other participants, volunteer helpers, officials and spectators in and out of the event, dehydration, hypothermia and the behaviour of animals.
• I hereby, aware of the above, assume the risks of participating in these events and on my own behalf and on the behalf of my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin and representatives whom so ever:-
• Agree to waive any claim and to release and discharge from any claim which I or they may have in respect of death, disability, injury, property loss or damage as a result of or while I am participating in this event the event organiser, directors, sponsors, officials, administrators or volunteer helpers.
• Agree to indemnify the persons mentioned immediately above for any or all liabilities or claims made against them as a result of my behaviour in this An event. Said waiver, release, discharge and indemnify to extend liability for negligence under common or statute law.
• Refunds will only be issued upon receipt of medical certification confirming the entrant in unable to participate and at the descretion of the Event Coordinator
• Live Borders reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice
• Registration for triathlons will open on Monday 4th January 2014