Visiting the Archives

The Heritage Hub, Kirkstile, Hawick, TD9 0AE
01450 360699

Everyone is welcome to visit the Heritage Hub, the home of the Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Service.

Genealogy, family and local history

The facilities at the Heritage Hub are open to anyone to do their own research.  The service is free, with charges only made for printing and photocopies. Alternatively browse our books and look at the displays. You can visit our search room to look at documents (you may be able to prepare in advance with our online catalogue). You can book a seat for ScotlandsPeople (£15 a day). You can also bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi to study other history resources.

When you visit

When you visit the Heritage Hub for the first time you’ll be asked to register. Please bring two forms of identification (at least one must be photographic).  You can download and complete the registration form on the right hand side before visiting.


The Heritage Hub is the key source for 800 years of archives for the Scottish Borders (Berwickshire, Peeblesshire, Roxburghshire and Selkirkshire).  The diverse collections also include

  • Extensive rugby and textile collections
  • Local government and administration, police, law and order records
  • Business records and accounts, including textile, fishing and farming industries
  • Archives of schools, churches, charities, clubs and societies, families and
  • Title deeds, maps and plans, letterheads, photographs, correspondence and diaries


At the Heritage Hub, you can research your family tree or the history of your house, investigate the lives, activities and other aspects of the people and lands of the Borders. You can investigate families, communities, places and people (famous or not), land ownership and support for the poor.

Our archives can also assist with school, college or university work and with legal matters. Our wide range of history books, major postcard and map collections and other printed sources explain, guide and add to the archive resources.

We are always happy to advise how you can use archives.


The Heritage Hub is a ScotlandsPeople Centre. For £15.00 a day you can have unlimited access to one of the World’s best online sources of original family history information. There are almost 100 million records to look through for Scottish ancestry research, with census, wills, statutory birth, marriage and death, Old Parish and Roman Catholic records and a growing series of Valuation Rolls.

Copyright & Payment

Copies of many of our documents are available, and in different formats, subject to copyright. Please ask.

A copyright declaration form (published work and unpublished work) available for download on the right hand side, must be completed whenever a copy of our collection is requested.

Payment can be made by cheque or International Money Order, drawn on a British bank and made payable to Live Borders.  We also accept payment by debit or credit card.