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60 Day Challenge

The 60 Day Challenge is back in 2020!

Participants signed up and commenced their 60 Days throughout January 2020.

As part of the challenge you will be asked to fill out an activity card, highlighting what you want to achieve in 60 Days.

Is it that you want to increase your muscle mass? Lower your body fat percentage? Run 5km in under 30 minutes or even swim 1km faster than ever before? The end goal is completely up to you.

Goals can vary but our staff will be on hand to help and encourage you along the way.

Read about our 2019 winners HERE.

Existing One Club members can also take part, just pick up a training card from your local facility to log your progress and return by 3 April 2020.

At the end of the 60 days, hand your training card into your local centre and you could win one of our 3 top prizes:

  • 1st prize (gold) – 1 year’s membership
  • 2nd prize (silver) – 6 month membership
  • 3rd prize (bronze) – 3 month membership

To be eligible to win a prize, challengers must have attended on at least 20 occasions and complete their activity card at the conclusion of their challenge. Winners will be announced on  17 April 2020.

* The 60 Day Challenge does not include access to TriFitness.