Spring Programme

Check out our Spring 2019 programme below for all the latest Borders Live Touring events taking place  across the Borders:

The Lighthouse Keepers Tale by Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre 

In a tiny quaint village by the sea Tom the lighthouse keeper fishes by the jaggedy rocks and watches out carefully for the ships sailing by night. In the one and only village café, his friend Belle the Mermaid makes such delicious ice cream for her happy customers. A beautifully created and delightfully told story of friendship, with table top puppets and original music. Come on in, the water’s lovely, but watch out for the crabs!

Saturday 30 March at 15:00

Bowhill Theatre


ADULTS £6  UNDER 16s £4
To book, please call the box office on 01750 22204


Paper Memories by Jabuti Theatre: in association with Platform

Salma, a refugee girl from Kurdistan, has recently arrived in Scotland with her family. Salma’s memories of home are powerful and so captivating that they draw everyone and everything around her into them. But no one will let Salma talk about her memories. Slowly, her
memories begin to disappear, until one day the most precious memory of all is
destroyed, and Salma stops speaking about her memories, or anything else. An evocative visual narrative, which uses aerial-dance, puppetry and music, takes the audience on an emotional journey which explores the importance of memories, and how they make us who we are.

Sunday 31 March at 14:30

St Boswells Village Hall


ADULTS £6  UNDER 16s £4
Visit www.bit.ly/papermemoriesstboswells to book

Lost Bear by Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre

A lost bear finds himself in a world that is full of Lost things, lost toys, lost hats,
lost socks and lost umbrellas. When Lost Bear travels to try and find his way home, his journey takes him through lost worlds, the seaside, the jungle and a trip to the moon. Along the way he meets other lost toys, Scary Shark, Mischievous Monkey and the Revolving Robot, until he finds himself facing the most unusual foe of all- Steggyasaurus…! A gentle tale for little ones- short adventures without too long a story to follow. Brought to you by one of Scotland’s leading puppetry companies, the same team that presented Gingerbread Man, this is a show created with an infectious sense of fun and adventure for all those, large and small, who still love their toys (especially the grown ups!).

Saturday 6 April at 14:00

Caddonfoot Village Hall


ADULTS £6  UNDER 16s £4
Tickets available from Caddonfoot Shop, by emailing infocaddonfoot@btinternet.com or calling 07527 800301

Little Red by Sokobauno Puppet Theatre (performance and workshop)

Brought to you from inside the beautiful Little Faun Caravan, this event sees Little Red take to the path through the meadow of butterflies and flowers into the ever-changing forest with its creaking trees and wild birds. Her task is to deliver provisions to her poorly granny. But will she find her way without too much bother...
Sokobauno uses miniature toy theatre techniques, beautifully designed shadow cuts and original music to vividly re-imagine this classic fairy tale. For this new show the interior of the Little Faun Caravan is transformed into a magical forest environment, creating an atmospheric immersive experience for audiences from the moment they enter the space.
After the performance, why not create your very own colourful shadow cuts under the caravan’s awning, and then make a short performance with them inside the caravan’s auditorium. The workshop theme is Deep in The Forest.
“I could watch your work all day!” - Richard Medrington of Puppet State Theatre, Solas Festival 2016

Sunday 7 April at 11:30 and 14:00

Harestanes Visitors Centre


Tickets available from: www.bit.ly/harestanesred 

Today, I Am Someone Else by Two Detectives (workshop)

An opportunity to play and experiment with make-believe and identity, a fun
workshop which celebrates our innate delight in dressing up and trying out different ways of being. We’ll begin with simple, enjoyable games and intriguing people, and then we’ll use costume, fabric, props and music to invent new characters and see how they behave. We’ll also use giant sheets of paper and mark-making to sketch roughly around our foot prints, body frames and hand prints, and we’ll play with using this to redefine ourselves magically, as whoever or whatever we’d like to be today. Today, I am Someone Else, is all about enjoyment- it’s for extroverts and introverts, and everyone in between. Whether quietly or with great gusto, children and young people can engage in their own way in a supportive and joyful atmosphere.

Sunday 5 April 14:00 - 16:00

Chrinside Community Centre


Tickets available from: 01890 819123; 07900 830366

The Red Turtle by Michael Dudok De Wit 2016 (film)

Set in a vibrant but at times forbidding tropical paradise, this is a touching,
wordless, story about one man’s uneasy relationship with the powerful forces of
nature all around him. Shipwrecked on a deserted island rich with natural resources the man tries to escape, building a raft to sail away. But a giant sea beast - a red turtle - repeatedly foils his plans, beginning a relationship which will be central to both for the rest of their lives.

Saturday 13 April 14:00

Heart for Duns


Foxes & Crows - 'Chaussette' Sock Puppet Workshop by Le Petit Monde 

Le Petit Monde brings you a new puppet-making workshop based on the famous Aesop fable The Fox & The Crow! Turned into a poem by the super famous French poet Jean de La Fontaine in the 17th century, the fable is equally popular in Scotland as it is in France.
After a short introduction to the story, participants will make their own puppets out of old socks and then get to manipulate them. We will also have fun practising a few key French phrases from Tania’s own bilingual version of the fable and re-enact the story together. Printed copies of the text will be handed out to take home. This workshop is accessible to non-French speakers.
**All you need to do is  BRING A SOCK (stripy ones are great!) and your imagination..**
“What a very talented puppeteer! Super speaking voice – correct speed and easy to follow all the French” - Primary Teacher, Arts Across Learning festival Aberdeen

Sunday 14 April 10:30 and 14:00

Harestanes Visitor Centre


Tickets available from: www.bit.ly/foxesandcrows 

Eaten by Mamoru Iriguchi 

What if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. Being very hungry, Lionel didn’t chew his food, so Mamoru is still alive and very well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello… In a cuddly lion costume, Mamoru simultaneously plays the roles of the eater- Lionel the Lion who dreams of being a vegetarian, and the eaten- Mamoru the human, who loves meat. Occasionally interrupted by haunting puppets representing the animals they have both consumed in the past, the predator and the prey develop a firm friendship… until Mamoru gets totally digested. Lionel’s sorrow over the loss of his best friend does not last long though, his lunch emerges with a triumphant fart!
With a surrealist, humorous storyline and imaginative puppetry, Eaten invites audiences to think about food, how its produced, what they eat and why!
Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2017 (CATS): Nominated for best children’s show (5+)

Friday 19 April 14:00

Heart of Hawick 


ADULTS £8  UNDER 16s £6
Tickets available from www.heartofhawick.co.uk or by calling the box office on 01450 360688

Let's Go by Two Detectives 

An adventure story with song, speech, movement, touch, smell, and big, beautiful visuals, we are taken on a voyage over the sea, to a strange land and a stranger castle, where an extremely sneaky queen plays a trick on us! Let’s Go is made specially for people with Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). It unfolds slowly, using repetition, to allow for the time it may take some audience members to process information. Let’s Go is fun and full of giggles and mischief. The production was first developed by Naomi Kelly, one of Two Detectives’ artistic directors, as part of an artist residency with Cove Park and Parklands School (Helensburgh) - a school for students with PMLD. Over two weeks Naomi worked with four young people in the school, and their teacher and support staff, responding to what these young people found relaxing,pleasant, exciting and fascinating to make this piece.
*Let’s Go was recently performed for audiences at Orchard Brae School as part of Aberdeen Performing Arts’  Light The Blue Festival 2018*

Saturday 20 April 14:00

Tweedbank Community Centre




Tickets available from: www.bit.ly/letsgotweedbank