The Big Draw

The Big Draw, The World's Biggest Drawing Festival!

Five creative drawing sessions in Live Borders Libraries, October 2018

We are delighted to announce the theme for the Big Draw in 2018: Play

For kids and big kids alike, The Big Draw Festival 2018 is all about letting loose, embracing happy accidents, discovery, experimentation and most importantly having fun with those pencils, pens and ink!

The three sessions planned for October half term week will be led by local artist, Claire Beatty.  Children from 6 yrs old to S1/S2 can come without parents

There will be two further Saturday morning sessions in Duns Library on Saturday 20 October 10:00-12:00 and Melrose Library on Saturday 27 October 10:00-12:00. All welcome to drop in and give drawing a go..

Bring along your favourite soft animal, figure or creature and transform it with a variety of drawing techniques into your very own Wild Thing!

Led by local artist Claire Beattie these BIG DRAW drawings sessions are inspired by Maurice Sendak’s beautiful illustrations in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.  Focusing on observational drawings of soft toys,  kids will use a variety of mark making and a range of pen and ink materials to bring their characters to life.  They can then display their work on the Wild Wood frieze in the library. 

Artist Claire suggests, “ My idea is to get the kids to bring along a favourite soft toy/figure and do some observational drawing with it (focusing on really looking whilst you draw) and turn it into their own Wild Thing like the creatures in Maurice Sendak’s famous book. Looking at his illustrations we could focus on the nature of the line drawing - so all the marks that can be made with the same marker pen, thick, thin, cross hatching, undulating lines etc. We could also use coloured ink and brushes to give experience of another medium.  The drawings would have these aspects within them to bring them to life. We could also look at the drawings of Edward Ardizzone who also uses a variety of textural line in his illustrations.

The kids will cut out the drawings and add them to a Wild Forest or Mountain frieze that I will pre-make and have in situ in the Library. It could stay there to encourage repeat visits to the library?



Date and time



Price and booking

10 – 12 Tuesday 9th October

Hawick Library

Claire Beatty (Artist w’shopleader,Eve Robertson MA/BYC and Library member of staff to be on hand

£4 per session In person or by phone with Library

10 -12 Thursday 11th October

Galashiels library

Claire Beatty (Artist w’shopleader) ,Eve Robertson MA/BYC  and Library member of staff to be on hand

Part of October Activity week package or £4 per session at Library




10 – 12 Saturday 20 October

Duns Library

Claire Beatty and BYC volunteer and a Library member of staff to be on hand

£4 per session In person or by phone with Library