City Breakz by Room2Manoeuvre


City Breakz is an outdoor pop up hip hop dance show featuring four dancers that takes the classic scenario of the hip hop throw down and re-positions it in unusual city locations and common urban structures. Anything can become a dancefloor – a bench, a set of steps, part of a wall – as the dancers negotiate the challenges of uneven surfaces, angles and gradients of the city. 

Each performer armed with a patch of linoleum and a sound system – will spring up in unexpected locations across towns and cities for a series of solo performances before coming together for a final show. City Breakz bold and striking juxtaposition of dance and environment asks, where and how do we make room for art and culture to exist, to inspire and to be accessible in a changing urban landscape? The City Breakz dancers re-imagine city spaces, change the perception of urban environments and bring dance closer to communities. 

Created by Edinburgh based dance company, Room 2 Manoeuvre led by Artistic Director Tony Mills and in collaboration with the dancers, City Breakz blends hip hop, physical theatre and contemporary dance backed by music and sound design from The Reverse Engineer (AKA Dave House) to present a quirky, fun and engaging experience for audiences. 

As part of their performance at Heart of Hawick, Room 2 Manoeuvre are providing a free workshop run by City Breakz performances. The workshop is aimed at 12-18 years old movers who are open to learn how to hip to the hop with street dance moves & grooves.  After a dynamic warm up, participants can expect to learn street dance moves and sequences, short sections of the City Breakz show and have a chance to come up with their own moves, as solos or in groups through creative tasks.

It’s hip-hop…but not as you know it. 

Thursday 12 August 
Heart of Hawick Civic Space 
Main performance at 15:50
Ticketed Free Event 

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Photographs © Sam Temple

When & where

  • Heart of Hawick Civic Space

  • From 15:50