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Create @ Tower Mill with Real Talk – Every Story is a Gift


Do you have a story waiting to be told? 

Real Talk craft safe spaces for mental health stories to be shared, celebrated and explored in an interactive way. Their vision is a society that celebrates authenticity and transparency around experiences of mental ill health and actively promotes wellbeing. They believe in the power storytelling holds to achieve this. 

 The Real Talk process involves two, 2.5 hours storytelling workshops. These are just to hold the space to help you decide what story is right for you to share. You will learn story-crafting methods, public speaking techniques and meet a group of wonderful people on the same journey as yourself. Our time together will finish with an intimate performance of the story you have created. You will have 10 minutes to speak and there will be an informal Q&A with the audience after every story has been shared. We do ask that you follow through on the entire process but at the end of the day your participation is entirely voluntary and you may choose not to continue at any time. 

If you have a story waiting to be told and would like support and encouragement in crafting it, sign up to our two storytelling workshops. 

 Real Talk is mental health storytelling social enterprise. Our vision is a society that encourages authenticity around experiences of mental ill health. Our mission is to use the tools of storytelling to empower personal narratives to create conversations and reduce stigma around mental illness.  

Friday 24th Sep, Friday 1st and 8th October
Heart of Hawick Mezzanine  
10.30 to 12.00 
Age 16+


When & where

  • Friday 24th Sep, Friday 1st and Friday 8th October
  • Heart of Hawick

  • From 10.30
  • To 12.00