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Create @ Tower Mill with Treading the Borders Theatre Company – Writing Drama from Real Life Events.


How do you use your own experiences as a launchpad for new ideas for theatrical writing?

What do you share and how to write that in a way that has relevance and interest in the context of a play? We can use this as a means of cathartic endeavour or because it can highlight an issue that continues to be on a bigger agenda. How we combine the actual with the imagined means contemplation and thought but can be an exciting way to explore a topic. The number of characters involved can differ; the place, the time, the setting and how can this be translated to stage or radio. It will raise issues both personally, and for others who might have been involved, so looking at the truth of an event or experience needs careful analysis.   

 This ‘taster’ workshop will be in comfortable seating and informal with a discussion by Jane to set the scene and get you thinking! This will be followed by the chance to write some ideas and short scripts which can be shared with the group … or not, if further reflection and development is wanted. We will have access to the auditorium and other parts of the building for quiet thinking and writing time with coffee/tea facilities on hand through the cafe. There will be a two hour break between the workshop and performance if staying on for the latter.   

  Please bring a notepad and pen/pencil. 

 Sunday 14 November 
15.00 – 17.00  
Heart of Hawick 
Age 16+


When & where

  • Sunday 14 November
  • Heart of Hawick Auditorium

  • From 15.00
  • To 17.00