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Creative Writing for Wellbeing

When & where

  • Wednesday 13 Jan - Wednesday 17 Feb
  • This is an online event


We are delighted to be able to offer our first ‘Creative Writing for Wellbeing’ programme commencing on Wednesday 13 January.

This is a six week programme is aimed at developing a participants confidence and skills around creative writing while at the same time supporting wellbeing.

There will be a mix of structured and more intuitive approaches to suit different learning styles.  Find out how you can generate original writing by using published poems, pictures memories, or by walking in your local environment, or even your own breath and bodily sensations.

The sessions are facilitated by experienced writer and facilitator Helen Boden who has run many creative writing courses, workshops and groups. she holds certificates in Counselling Skills and Mindfulness, and is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education.

The Workshops will run for 6 weeks starting Wednesday 13 January through to Wednesday 17 February. This is the start of a programme of workshops that we intend to run during 2021.

Times: 10:30-12:00 or 13:00-14:30. Participants will sign up to their time and ideally be able to attend the same time every week for the six week block.  

The workshops will offer the opportunity to:

  • Work in small groups and introduce a wide range of writing prompts and exercises
  • Help you develop your creative writing skills at the same time as creating a sense of greater wellbeing
  • Suggest innovative ways of amplifying marginalised voices, promoting diversity and inclusion, countering isolation
  • Provide constructive feedback, encouragement and support in a confidential setting
  • Enable you to interact with other participants and share your writing if you wish
  • Combine writing with other aspects of creativity & health, and your other interests
  • Provide takeaway skills that you can use and build on in your own time

This project is jointly funded by Creative Scotland, NHS Borders and Live Borders.  During this period all participant places will be subsidised with the support of our partners and as part of the programme our staff will be training with Helen Boden so that we can work hard to sustain this project in the long term.

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