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Elsewhere – An exhibition of new paintings by Gavin Wood in Scott Gallery, Hawick Museum


An exhibition of recent work by Borders-based artist Gavin Wood. Elsewhere is a collection of work that explores repetition and difference through mark-making, colour and composition. Deliberate marks germinate each surface and each surface is constructed with an attention to the tension between form and materials.

Weirdness resides within the compositions of Elsewhere, formed by media beyond traditional painting. Strange structures undulate throughout each piece and colours ooze from beyond to stain each surface.

Through mark-making, colour and composition, Elsewhere comes together to draw attention to that which resides somewhere else, elsewhere. Being somewhere else is not somewhere we can accurately describe. It is something that can only be alluded to and even when done, it is inadequate in its description. It is not hidden in the dark, neither is it confined to the realms of the extraordinary. It does not exist in a particular location, time or space. It is precisely in it’s indeterminacy that we recognise it and in turn, becomes more distant from the here and now.

After Hawick High School and Borders College, Gavin Wood gained BA (Hons) in painting at Edinburgh College of Art then Master of Fine Arts at Dundee University. Among his many influences are Bauhaus, Northern Renaissance and horror cinema.

Selected works within Elsewhere have been supported by the South of Scotland Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards funded by Creative Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Council and Live Borders

“Richard White, Assistant Curator”
I am really looking forward to this exhibition as Gavin has had connections with Hawick Museum and Liveborders over a number of years and this will be a brilliant finish after pandemic delay.
Richard White, Assistant Curator

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