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Rules to Live


‘Rules to Live By’ explores conditioning, external influences, what shapes us through life and how we follow aspirations even if they are destructive. Sequel to Rules to Live By: exploring admiration, idolisation and what happens when our idols die?

Suzi Cunningham is a Scottish live-performance artist and Scotland’s foremost female Butoh artist. With each new concept, she creates and presents performances that are bespoke and responsive to its unique environment, enriched by her sense of design, voice and movement.

Suzi’s work is highly physical, and she explores relationships with manufactured materials, making embodied connections to objects in a way that borders transformation.

Through Butoh dance, Suzi explores the archaeology of the body and its interdependence with the natural world. Her work has a strong ecological and political focus, exploring how the primal body meets the modern world.

Age 12+

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When & where

  • Heart of Hawick

    Kirkstile, Hawick, TD9 0AE

  • From 19:00
  • To 20:00