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Scott & Charters – Quality Knitwear from Hawick since 1955 An exhibition Catwalk at Borders Textile Towerhouse


An exhibition tracing the history of Hawick Knitwear firm Scott & Charters with illustrated story boards, fashion garments and items from the company history on display.  Cashmere and other luxury knitwear fashion garments made by Scott & Charters are displayed on mannequins on the Catwalk.

For nearly 70 years Scott and Charters have been making high-quality knitwear in Hawick using the finest yarns and the skills and craftsmanship of generations.  The company’s collections of updated classics and more fashionable pieces have always been much sought after.  This exhibition traces the history of the company and its designs with story boards, illustrations and luxury fashion garments on mannequins on the Catwalk.

The Hawick knitwear firm Scott & Charters was founded in 1955 by Douglas Scott and William Charters.  The company has always kept to its aim of making desirable, high-quality knitwear.

The company was run by the Charters family for three generations.  At first they made fine-gauge ladies wear in lambswool, later adding menswear and then shifting towards cashmere from the 1970s.

The company boomed with its knitwear in great demand in Japan, South Korea and the USA with links to the world’s leading golfers. A brand new factory was opened by Prince Charles in 2019.

Keeping traditional hand-skills while embracing new technology has been a successful way forward.  Scott and Charters today specialises in cashmere, fine merino and sophisticated blends, sourcing its yarns from top spinners in Scotland and Italy

In 2020 Scott and Charters were taken over by world-renowned weavers Alex Begg from Ayr.  The combined expertise of the two companies will produce a strong partnership for the future.

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