What can we learn from Bernat Klein’s legacy today?

When & where

  • Tuesday 25 May & Thursday 27 May
  • This event is an online event.


The focus of this workshop is the question: what can we learn from Bernat Klein’s legacy today? Commissioned by the Bernat Klein FoundationWorn Workshop has developed a workshop that offers an exciting opportunity to engage with Bernat Klein’s creative and cultural legacy through the exploration of the themes of colour, materiality, individuality and memory, all as relevant to Klein’s legacy as they are to our present-day relationships with our own clothes.

The workshop will explore aspects of Klein’s extensive body of work, alongside his creative practice, and personal heritage. These will inspire interactive activities and discussion around each workshop participant’s relationship with their own clothes, by engaging with the themes of Colour, Materiality, Individuality, and Memory. The workshop will also consider how Klein’s creative and cultural legacy can influence contemporary attitudes to sustainable fashion and textiles.

Before this workshop, participants will receive a resource pack and be asked to consider their own wardrobes through the creative and cultural legacy of Bernat Klein, finding a garment that connects with one of the four themes of: Colour, Materiality, Individuality, or Memory. Individually, participants will then be prompted to prepare a response to their garment find through the medium of their choice. Throughout the workshop, participants will take part in a series of interactive activities and discussion around their garment finds and responses as we come together to explore what we can learn from Bernat Klein’s legacy today. This exercise should take no longer than 1 hour and should be submitted before the workshop via an upload link we will share with you on sign up.

The workshops are fun, informal and relaxed with interactive activities throughout for you to enjoy in addition to contributing to the wider discussion about the work of Bernat Klein.

  • A Resource Pack and full information will be supplied upon sign-up;
  • Workshop delivered by zoom so access to audio and visual for zoom required;
  • The workshop will be recorded and each participant will be asked for their permission to share the outcomes of the workshop.

There are two workshops: CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Tuesday 25 May 14:00-15:30

Thursday 27 May 19:00-20:30