Charges & Fines

Does it cost me to borrow items?

Books are free to borrow. Some items such as DVDs will have a hire charge 

What happens if my book is late back?

Anyone over 16 will be charged daily fines with the exception of loans to the following members:

  • Residential home
  • Housebound
  • Mobile library member

Items overdue for 30 days or more will incur an extra administration charge.

As a courtesy overdue reminders are sent out seven days and 30 days after an item was due back.

What are the daily fines?

These vary depending on what has been borrowed and who borrowed it. A full  list of charges is available in libraries.

What is the maximum fine?

Fines will be charge to a maximum of £10.00 per item and £50.00 per fine.

What if I lose a book or other item?
If you have lost something you borrowed from the library please tell our library staff as soon as possible. You or your parent/guardian will be asked to pay for the replacement of the item.

What if I lose my card?
If you lose your card tell our library staff as soon as possible. We will arrange a replacement card.

Our staff are happy to help if you have any questions.