Club Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that requires strength, flexibility, balance and control to compete. Our fun classes focus on floor, beam and vaulting skills so come along for some bounce, skip and hop into the world of gymnastics fun!

Happy, confident, content children and gymnastics- not everyone would instantly see the connection but this is exactly what we aim to achieve with our Club Gymnastic Programme.

Gymnastics has a proven track record in improving both the physical and mental development of children and through our Club Gymnastics programme you will see how your child grows and progresses in both of these areas.

The Programme

We offer classes for primary school aged children, focussing on 3 levels of development; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Irrespective of the level, all classes are delivered in a fun and friendly environment that ensures each and every one is engaged, motivated and inspired. Our progressive coaching method means each level will continue to develop the skills that have been learnt in the level previous and children’s achievements will be recognised through

The club gymnastic programme includes:

  • 50 hours of gymnastics throughout the year
  • British gymnastics badges and certificates to recognise achievement and progress
  • A local annual display to showcase skills to family and friend
  • An annual friendly competition between gymnasts on the club gymnastic programme.
  • Free access to public swimming at all live borders swimming pools

All for one monthly payment.

Become a Club Gymnastics Member

To become a Club Gymnastics member contact Ross Livingstone on or 07848 446 430.