The Live Borders Podcast

Welcome to the Live Borders Podcast – a podcast from Live Borders showcasing the projects we are running over the lockdown and beyond.

Episode #2 – April, 2021

This time Local History and Archive Assistant Kathy Hobkirk from the Heritage Hub on what we learned from a collection of diaries written by a Selkirk GP in the early 1900’s. And we ask assistant curator Phoebe Stewart what does it taken to look after the collections we have across our museums and galleries, make them accessible for us to see and enjoy now, and to preserve them for future generations.

Phoebe mentions the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, you can read more about him and his work here. You can find out more about the Selkirk born explorer Mungo Park here. Transcripts from Dr. Muir’s diary are available to read on our Tumbler page here, and thank you again to actor John Nichol for bringing the words to life.

Live Borders · Episode Two

Episode #1 – March, 2021

In this episode, we look back at our production of ‘A Scottish Christmas Carol’ (00:56), we catch up with Live Borders Health and Fitness advisor Stephanie Common about our online workouts and keeping fit over lockdown (10:14), and we find out more about the Creative Writing for Wellbeing workshops (18:18). Follow us on social media for the latest news on our Creative Writing workshops, find out more about our free live online fitness classes here and Unco Braw Productions on their website here.

Live Borders · Episode One