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Connecting Scotland

Connecting Scotland is a Scottish Government programme set up in response to Coronavirus.

The programme aims to get 50,000 digitally excluded households online by the end of 2021. Connecting Scotland provides iPads, Chromebooks, a MiFi connection, and to support and develop digital skills for people who are digitally excluded and on a low income.

Live Borders received 25 devices as part of Phase 1.  Phase 1 eligibility is for those who were at risk of isolation due to Coronavirus because they are in a high vulnerability group. This includes people who were previously shielding or have a long term health condition.

The device is gifted to the recipient along with a MiFi connection. Once the MiFi connection expires recipients can pay for a WiFi/broadband connection if they wish.  All recipients are offered ongoing support via telephone to help set up the device and a short weekly call to help build their digital  skills and confidence.

To qualify for a device and Mifi connection anyone applying must match the criteria below.

Phase 1 Criteria

Devices are available for those

  • In a low income household
  • Have no device (mobile phone not included)
  • Were previously under the shielding group or have a long term health condition (eligible for a flu jab included)

For more information or to get in touch via email enquiries@liveborders.org.uk