One Club - Classes and Activities

Our One Club sites offer an amazing range of over 40 different classes throughout the Borders. With everything from the classics - Spin, Aqua-fit or Kettlercise... to the new kids on the block - Zumba, Insanity and GRIT. 

Not everyone likes the same thing, so we've curated our classes into 4 categories - each geared towards achieving a different type of fitness goal. 


Your one stop shop for weight loss - whether it's cycling furiously in a Spin Class or targeting those trouble spots at Legs, Bums and Tums.

These classes are perfect for getting your heart rate high and keeping it right there in that fat -burning 'sweet spot'. 


Working hard for maximum gains? These classes are the perfect accompaniment to all of that slog in the free weights area. Core Conditioning class helps improve overall stability and lifting technique while GRIT Plyo puts your reps to the test at speed!


We've all been there and taken a breather from the fitness wagon, after all: those box sets and holidays are too good to miss. When you're ready to dip your toe back in the water - this class category is perfect, with classes like Pilates and Yoga you'll soon feel more flexible and energised. 


We often say - fitness isn't a sprint it's a marathon, a lifestyle if you will. But all of that changes when you are training for an event! Most want to up the intensity and train hard to achieve that ultimate goal, enter TRAIN! These classes help improve endurance and cardiovascular performance. So whether it's a marathon, Tough Mudder or an egg and spoon race - we've got you! 

Mix and Match

There's no fitness rule book, click on the links below and browse through the categories.