Small Group Training Sessions

Small Group Training Sessions are the perfect happy medium between personal training and a fitness class – with extra emphasis on specific training goals. The maximum group size of 6 people per session ensures you get exactly what you need out of your session, with focused attention from your expert fitness instructor.  

The first week of these sessions will be free to all;* so whether it’s time to get Active, Shape, Gain or Train – Take a look at your 4 brand new options and pick from classes at 5 different centres. Check the Download for full details.

To book click on the activity below.

Active      Gain      Shape      Train

Active is a 30 minute gym based class providing a general fitness workout for those new to activity looking for a more social activity session or active ageing.

Gain is a 30 minute gym based class aimed at developing muscle.

Shape is a 30 minute gym based classed aimed at helping you lose weight and tone up.

Train is a 30 minute gym based class aimed at supplementing your event training schedule.

*Small Group Training sessions are only available to members following the free week of taster sessions.