Free WiFi

Wireless access is available in all our libraries except Earlston.

What you can do when connected?

  • You will have the same internet access (e.g. email, internet browsing) as someone using a People's Network PC

  • Our web filtering software, Websense, will use the adult internet settings to filter the wireless network

  • You can access the Online Reference materials including Credo Reference and SCRAN

How to access the network

Anyone with a wireless enabled device (laptop, iPod, mobile phone) should be able to use the Wi-Fi network

1. Select the Wi-Fi network Lib-Guest
2. Open a browser to connect to the internet
3. You will be prompted to log in to the wireless network
4. Tick to accept and agree to our Acceptable Use Policy
5. If you are a member of the library service use your existing Library card barcode and PIN as the username and password
6. If you are a Visitor you can complete a guest user membership form and will be given a username and PIN valid for the day or join as a Visitor for a longer period.

Remember - your Apps will not work until you have opened a browser session and logged onto the network.

Please contact your local library if you need any assistance or have any questions.