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Free LIVE Online Classes

Following the Scottish Governments announcement that we will be entering a Level 4 lockdown from the 26th of December, we are excited to bring you a schedule of online classes. With a wide range of classes brought to you by Kathryn, Steph, and Kieran. All classes are FREE and our instructors will be streaming these LIVE through Facebook.

We can confirm to all members that your membership Direct Debit for January has already been frozen, and all future payments will remain frozen until further notice. You do not need to do anything about your membership payments.

As a charity, your membership support is invaluable to us, and every penny you spend with us is reinvested into supporting active, creative and healthy communities across the Scottish Borders. While there is no charge for these online classes, we would be very grateful for any donation, any amount is welcome or you can donate your full monthly membership if you wish. To donate CLICK HERE.

Alternatively, you can text LIVEBORDERS 3 to 70450 to donate £3

Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £3 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text LIVEBORDERSNOINFO 3 to 70450.

CLICK HERE or see the schedule below

Welcome to March Madness

As we look forward to reopening our facilities in the not to distant future, we have put out the challenge to see how many fitness classes you can do through the month of March.

Join Kathryn, Kieran and Steph for the classes, comment on each class you join via facebook and keep your tally for the month.

Can you get 20 or more? Every other day and go for 15? Or even just one or two a week? Its completely up to you!

CLICK HERE for the full month timetable

DayClassTimeInstructorClass on page
Mon 1Kettlebells09:00-09:45KieranJOIN HERE
 Boxing Fitness18:00-18:45StephJOIN HERE
Tues 2LBT09:00-09:45StephJOIN HERE
 ABC (Arms, Bum, Core)17:30-18:15KathrynJOIN HERE
Wed 3Abs & Core12:00-12:30KieranJOIN HERE
 Beginners Fitness19:00 -19:45KieranJOIN HERE
Thurs 4Tabata & Arms06:30-07:00KathrynJOIN HERE
 Cardio Fit18:00-18:45KieranJOIN HERE
Fri 5Body Burn09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
 HIIT17:30-18:00StephJOIN HERE
Sat 6Dance09:00- 09:45StephJOIN HERE
Sun 7SH1FT/L1FT09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
Mon 8Kettlebells09:00-09:45KieranJOIN HERE
 Boxing Fitness18:00-18:45StephJOIN HERE
Tues 9LBT09:00-09:45StephJOIN HERE
 L1FT17:30-18:15KathrynJOIN HERE
Wed 10Abs & Core12:00-12:30KieranJOIN HERE
 Beginners Fitness19:00 -19:45KieranJOIN HERE
Thurs 11SH1FT06:30-07:00KathrynJOIN HERE
 Cardio Fit18:00-18:45KieranJOIN HERE
Fri 126 Round Knockout09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
 HIIT17:30-18:00StephJOIN HERE
Sat 13Dance09:00- 09:45StephJOIN HERE
Sun 14SH1FT/L1FT09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
Mon 15Kettlebells09:00-09:45KieranJOIN HERE
 Boxing Fitness18:00-18:45StephJOIN HERE
Tues 16LBT09:00-09:45StephJOIN HERE
 Tabata & Arms17:30-18:15KathrynJOIN HERE
Wed 17Abs & Core12:00-12:30KieranJOIN HERE
 Beginners Fitness19:00 -19:45KieranJOIN HERE
Thurs 18Tabata & Arms06:30-07:00KathrynJOIN HERE
 Cardio Fit18:00-18:45KieranJOIN HERE
Fri 19Body Burn09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
 HIIT17:30-18:00StephJOIN HERE
Sat 20Dance09:00- 09:45StephJOIN HERE
Sun 21Body Burn09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
Mon 22Kettlebells09:00-09:45KieranJOIN HERE
 Boxing Fitness18:00-18:45StephJOIN HERE
Tues 23LBT09:00-09:45StephJOIN HERE
 ABC (Arms, Bum, Core)17:30-18:15KathrynJOIN HERE
Wed 24Abs & Core12:00-12:30KieranJOIN HERE
 Beginners Fitness19:00 -19:45KieranJOIN HERE
Thurs 25L1FT06:30-07:00KathrynJOIN HERE
 Cardio Fit18:00-18:45KieranJOIN HERE
Fri 266 Round Knockout09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
 HIIT17:30-18:00StephJOIN HERE
Sat 27Dance09:00- 09:45StephJOIN HERE
Sun 28Body Burn09:00-09:45KathrynJOIN HERE
Mon 29Kettlebells09:00-09:45KieranJOIN HERE
 Boxing Fitness18:00-18:45StephJOIN HERE
Tues 30LBT09:00-09:45StephJOIN HERE
 SH1FT/L1FT17:30-18:15KathrynJOIN HERE
Wed 31Abs & Core12:00-12:30KieranJOIN HERE
 March Madness Fitness Finale19:00-19:45AllJOIN HERE

April Virtual Timetable

DateTimeClassClass on Page
Fri 209:00-09:456 Round KnockoutJOIN HERE
Sat 309:00-09:45Dance FitJOIN HERE
Mon 518:00-18:45LBTJOIN HERE
Tues 617:30-18:00SH1FTJOIN HERE
Wed 712:00-12.30Abs & CoreJOIN HERE
Thur 818:00-18:45Cardio FitJOIN HERE
Fri 909:00-09:45Body BurnJOIN HERE
Sat 1009:00-09:45HIIT & AbsJOIN HERE
Mon 1218:00-18:45Boxing FitnessJOIN HERE
Tues 1317:30-18:00L1FTJOIN HERE
Wed 1412:00-12.30LBTJOIN HERE
Thurs 1518:00-18:45KettlebellsJOIN HERE
Fri 1609:00-09:45Tone Sane NEWJOIN HERE
Sat 1709:00-09:45Dance FitJOIN HERE
Mon 1918:00-18:45LBTJOIN HERE
Tue 2017:30-18:00M1NDJOIN HERE
Wed 2112:00-12.30Abs & CoreJOIN HERE
Thurs 2218:00-18:45Cardio FitJOIN HERE
Fri 2309:00-09:456 Round KnockoutJOIN HERE
Sat 2409:00-09:45HIIT & AbsJOIN HERE
Mon 2618:00-18:45Boxing FitnessJOIN HERE
Tues 2717:30-18:00SH1FTJOIN HERE
Wed 2812:00-12.30LBTJOIN HERE
Thurs 2918:00-18:45KettlebellsJOIN HERE
Fri 3009:00-09:45SH1FT/L1FTJOIN HERE