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Macmillan Move More Borders

If you’re living with cancer and beyond in the Borders, our Move More Development Officers will provide you with support to help you get, and stay active at a pace that’s right for you.

Taking part in physical activity during and after cancer treatment can play a huge part in enabling you to take back control. It can help you prevent and manage some of the effects of treatment, such as fatigue, depression and risks to your heart health and many people tell us that it helps them to feel more like their old self.

Our Macmillan Move More Development Officers really understand cancer and can create a physical activity programme tailored just for you, as well as giving you ongoing support. We’ll ask you a few questions, listen to what you have to say and then support you in making physical activity a part of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been particularly active, the Health Department offer a variety of activity options for all ability levels.

Why not consider volunteering with Macmillan Move More Borders? Click here to find out about the variety of opportunities.

Macmillan Move More Walks

Meeting point: Kelso Swimming Pool
Wednesday’s at 10:00

Meeting point: Tweedbank Sports Complex
Wednesday’s at 10:00

Meeting point: Harestanes Visitor Centre reception
First Thursday of the month at 10:00

Cancer Friendly Walks

Meeting point: Tourist information office
Monday’s at 10:00

Meeting point: Darnick Community Garden
Tuesday’s at 10:00

For more information please contact our Physical Activity Development Officers, Paul Davis, Charlotte Jones or Callie Johnston on email:
pdavis@liveborders.org.ukcjones@liveborders.org.uk, callie.johnston@liveborders.org.uk