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Outdoor Fitness Classes

We are delighted to inform you of a new series of group outdoor classes available to you at Eyemouth Studio, Kelso Swimming Pool, Teviotdale Leisure Centre, Gytes Leisure Centre and soon to be confirmed, Selkirk Leisure Centre.

Currently all member monthly direct debit fees are frozen, and they will remain frozen until restrictions on gyms are lifted – announcement currently expected on 26 April.

To make things easy, we have introduced these new outdoor classes as Pay as You Go opportunities; you can chose to attend one or as many as you like and pay simply and quickly through the Eventbrite booking system. This will avoid any complications on reinstating direct debits before our gyms and indoor classes open, and give you the choice and freedom of what class to attend.

You can purchase classes individually, or buy a Class Pass.

To book your class, simply click on the BOOK HERE option next to the class you want to attend on the below timetables and follow the booking and payment prompts through Eventbrite.

UNLIMITED CLASS PASS: Looking to take advantage of more classes? Buy a £20 pass and get unlimited class access until our facilities reopen.

How to use your Class Pass discount code

Please note: Classes from Monday 26 April onwards will be bookable by our Connect system. CLICK HERE to find out how to book. 

Eyemouth Studio

Mon 19 Apr06:15 – 07:00Body Burn£5.50BOOK HERE
Mon 19 Apr18:00 – 18:45ABC£5.50BOOK HERE
Tue 20 Apr09:00 – 09:45Tone Sane£5.50BOOK HERE
Wed 21 Apr06:15 – 07:00RunFit£5.50BOOK HERE
Wed 21 Apr18:00 – 18:456 Round Knockout£5.50BOOK HERE
Thu 22 Apr09:00 – 09:45Body Burn£5.50BOOK HERE
Fri 23 Apr17:00 – 17:45Bootcamp Challnge£5.50BOOK HERE
Sat 24 Apr08:30 – 09:15Spin£5.50BOOK HERE

Kelso Swimming Pool

Mon 19 Apr18:00-18:45HIIT£5.50BOOK HERE
Tues 20 Apr18:00-18:45Cardio Blast£5.50BOOK HERE
Tue 20 Apr19:00-19:45Legs, Bums & Tums£5.50BOOK HERE
Wed 21 Apr18:00-18:30Metafit£4.50BOOK HERE
Wed 21 Apr18:45-19:15Core£4.50BOOK HERE
Fri 23 Apr18:00-18:45Urban Gym£5.50BOOK HERE
Sat 24 Apr10:00 – 10:45Bootcamp£5.50BOOK HERE

Teviotdale Leisure Centre

Mon 19 Apr17:30 – 18:15Kettlebells (TLC car park)£5.50BOOK HERE
Mon 19 Apr18:30 – 19:00Low Impact HIIT (TLC car park)£4.50BOOK HERE
Tue 20 Apr17:30 – 18:15Pump (TLC car park)£5.50BOOK HERE
Wed 21 Apr17:30 – 18:15Body Combat (Hawick 2G)£5.50BOOK HERE
Thu 22 Apr17:30 – 18:00Progressive Class (Hawick 2G)£4.50BOOK HERE
Thu 22 Apr18:15 – 19:00HIIT (Hawick 2G)£5.50BOOK HERE
Fri 23 Apr18:15 – 19:00ShBam (TLC car park)£5.50BOOK HERE
Sat 24 Apr10:30 – 11:15Combat (Hawick 2G)£5.50BOOK HERE

Gytes Leisure Centre 

Mon 19 Apr18:45-19:15HIIT£4.50BOOK HERE
Mon 19 Apr19:30-20:00Abs & Core£4.50BOOK HERE
Tues 20 Apr19:00-20:00Cardio Core£5.50BOOK HERE
Wed 21 Apr18:15-19:00Kettlebells£5.50BOOK HERE

Selkirk Leisure Centre – classes held at Selkirk 2G Pitch

Tues 20 Apr17:30-18:15Kettlebells£5.50BOOK HERE
Tues 20 Apr18:30-19:15Metafit£5.50BOOK HERE
Thurs 22 Apr08:00-08:30Freestyle Fitness£4.50BOOK HERE