Exercise Referral Programme

Live Borders and NHS Borders work in partnership with the aim of improving lives, health and wellbeing through physical activity programmes.

Steadi-Falls Prevention Class
Working together with NHS Borders, Live Borders delivers classes over a 12-week period.  Physiotherapists refer individuals who have either suffered from a fall or are potentially at high risk of falling. The class consists of 8 individuals working with resistance bands and chairs for balance. 

Health Conditions Classes
The aim of these classes is to improve the lives of people living with specific health conditions by encouraging uptake of physical activity. The classes are tiered to suit each individual's ability with the hope that progression through the levels is achieved, resulting in the self-management of their own exercise programme.

  • Level 1: Low intensity seated, floor and supported classes for people with limited standing and balance who require a mobility aid – entry level for individuals with limited movement scope/ongoing rehabilitation
  • Level 2: Low intensity classes providing a mix of floor to standing exercises for people who are mobile (with/without aid) but have difficulty with movement or activities of daily living – entry level for those who are recovering from illness/regaining mobility
  • Level 3: Low-moderate intensity classes which provide strength and conditioning exercises as a preventative strategy for people who are independently mobile and looking to increase strength and fitness – entry level for those who are new to fitness but mobile.
  • Level 4: Moderate - vigorous classes which challenges fitness levels for people who are independently mobile and physically active.

Lifestyle Advisory Support Service (LASS) 
The Lifestyle Advisor Support Service (LASS) engages with people over the age of 16 who wish to make a lifestyle change to improve their health. Working in partnership with the LASS team, Live Borders aims to help improve and change lives through getting the inactive active.