The Borders Hockey Development team deliver services to provide opportunities for people throughout the Scottish Borders to engage in lifelong participation in hockey.
Our aim is to provide opportunity and access for any participant to be successful in their chosen area of hockey whether it be playing, coaching, umpiring, volunteering, regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or social background."
We pride ourselves on providing quality educational & developmental opportunities for people in the Borders who want to be involved in hockey.

Our Borders Hockey Development Equity Policy ensures that:

  • Everyone who wants to participate in hockey has the opportunity to do so.
  • We take steps to remove barriers to participating in hockey, either overt or less obvious forms
  • No discrimination occurs within hockey and we take positive steps to address inequalities.

Borders Hockey Development Objectives:

  • Provide opportunity for more players to enjoy hockey to the highest level they desire throughout their lifetime in the Scottish Borders.
  • Provide a clear pathway to those involved in hockey from participation to performance.
  • Provide a clear pathway for those who wish to develop in coaching, officiating and volunteering.
  • Support and assist in club development.
  • To ensure that Borders Hockey Development  promote safe, equitable and inclusive sporting practice.

For more information contact:

Lori Lee