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Online Reading Group

We are pleased to offer our members the opportunity to join one of our ONLINE READING GROUPS!

The groups meet once a month, there are two types of groups for you to choose from, all you need to do is choose the group for you!

Download Reading Group
Members download the selected reading group eBook from Borrowbox and the group will meet once a month to discuss their thoughts and observations. Members of the download reading group will require an eLibrary membership and access to Borrowbox to download onto their device.

Read Your Own Reading Group
Members will come together to discuss their current read whether it be fiction, non-fiction, a magazine article or even a play. The group offers the opportunity to learn about different authors and broaden your own reading horizons. Members are given the chance to evaluate and share what they have been reading with the rest of the group.

The reading groups can accommodate 10 people in each group and will run on the following days every month:

First Monday in every month
Read Your Own Group 13.30-14.30
Download Group 15.00-16.00

First Thursday in every month
Read Your Own Group 10.30-11.30
Download Group 14.00-15.00

Second Thursday in every month
Download Group 10.30-11.30

For more information or to enquire about availability and how to book your place email: