Courses In Your Library

Get clicking!

A series of short sessions covering basic computer skills within the library. Subjects covered include:

  • Learning the various parts of a computer
  • How to use a mouse
  • Keyboard familiarisation
  • Basic understanding of the internet and use of a browser
  • Introduction to using email - from signing up for a free email account to sending and receiving emails.

Get surfing!

A step up from the Get Clicking course, for those who want to learn more about the internet.

This course is also covered in a series of short sessions and covers:

  • Moving around - understand how web pages and web sites are structured, and how to navigate a web site successfully
  • Know the difference between search engines and directories and be able to conduct simple searches getting relevant results
  • Understand the benefits of using the history function, how to use bookmarks and be able to personalise the browser to suit their needs
  • Be able to send and receive email with attachments, copy and paste URLs and email addresses, know how to organise their mailbox with folders and how to make simple changes to the mailbox settings.

For further information about these courses ask a member of staff at your local Library.