Museums & Galleries Programme 2017/18

This year’s 2017/18 Museum & Galleries Programme, sees another remarkable line-up of exhibitions, events, and workshops from our Live Borders Curatorial Team.

Our Visual Art Programme is varied and unique. By working with a range of contemporary Artists, including local Artist’s, such as Sheila Anderson - Hardy and Siobhan O’Hehir, as well as work from further afield including Rachel MacLean and even Andy Warhol! We’re sure to have something lined up to suit your tastes.

The Curatorial Team have been working hard during the quiet of the winter season to refresh and plan an amazing plethora of exhibitions, each one brimming with knowledge and discovery. Many of these exhibitions celebrate the unique cultural heritage of the Scottish Borders, such as Tweeddale Museum’s, ‘Come o’er the hills tae Peebles’, which marks the 120th year of the Revival of the Riding of the Burgh Marches of Peebles.

Check out the full 2017 guide below: