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Birds of a feather flock to Hawick Museum

Have you ever wondered what would it feel like, to be able to extend your arms, spread your feathers and take to the air?

A new exhibition at Hawick Museum, featuring birds and their feathers, takes an educational and entertaining look at how our flying friends inspire and interest us so much.

The show is part of the Wilton Lodge Park Year of Feathers and Flight during which a series of events and activities on that theme will be put on as the venue’s exciting redevelopment nears completion.

The display in Hawick Museum, managed by Live Borders, looks at birds and feathers from the point of view of both nature and art with informative display panels, great photographs, taxidermy and beautiful works of art and craft by local artists.

Four artists are showing their work. There are exquisite and beautifully-mounted original drawings by Hannah Longmuir and Emma Jolly, alluring framed tiles by Clare Norris of Samieston Ceramics and highly-desirable silver jewellery by Roby Kinsman-Blake.  All these originals are for sale.

There is also a show of feather hats, both contemporary and period, with an eye-catching example by Borders-based Yvette Jelfs who’s creations are sought by the high-end, international fashion market.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) was started in the Victorian era to stop the use of feathers from rare birds being used for women’s hats.  The modern hats on display use sustainable feathers – including feathers from roadkill.

The nature displays include impressive photographs of Wilton Lodge Park’s bird population by Bert Lancaster.  There is a contribution from the RSPB too while some of Hawick Museum’s collection of bird taxidermy is on show with examples of birds seen in the Park or in the area.

The illustrated display panels also look at birds of the Park with a section on the Scots names for birds. Historic bird books and displays of items made with feathers, including fly-tying, are also on show.

Entrance Hall (Ground Floor, wheelchair access)

Until Sunday, August 13

Mon-Fri 10-12am & 1-5pm, Sat & Sun 2-5pm

Admission Free


Bert Lancaster photo 1.jpg