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Dreamer and Achiever by Natalie Beatton

Primary Schools – short stories category

1st Prize

Dreamer and Achiever by Natalie Beatton

With her mum missing, how does Avyanna take up team GB’s spot as a substitute? Will she make it only 4 months since breaking her leg?


She was falling in agony as her dreams slipped out of reach. Avyanna awoke with tears streaming down her face. This room wasn’t familiar it was pearl white. Oh yeah she was a substitute for team GB in the 100m sprint! There Avyanna was, a 17–year old girl chosen for the substitute! There was no going back now. Avyanna put on her lucky socks, her lucky shorts and her lucky t-shirt because she was going to need as much luck as possible and she knew it. For the next 6 hours she put everything into building strength and power. Ever since she was a small baby she was born to run, so she was given the name meaning strong, powerful and beautiful. This afternoon if something goes wrong Avyanna will have to compete instead of an amazing athlete and if she fails…

She had no coach, she was on her own. Avyanna went to register to say she was there but she couldn’t escape the mean comments. “We all know you’re only here because silly people think that team GB has a chance.” “Good luck on team GB losing!” “Leave her alone what did she ever do to you?!” Avyanna couldn’t believe her ears. She spun around to see a smiling face that despite all the mean comments made her feel happy. “Hi, I’m Asha Philip. Don’t let it bother you, they’re just worried you’ll beat them that’s all. “Thanks for that. Oh, I’m Avyanna by the way.” “Are you the one that got chosen as the substitute?” “That’s me, I guess. Good luck. See you around?” “Yeah, thanks.”

The next 3 hours went by in a blur. Suddenly an important looking man said “you’re on in half an hour so get warming up!” “Wait, there must be a mistake”. “Move it!” Avyanna was lost in thought. There was no time for daydreaming because the stadium was packed and noisy. Avyanna rushed into the locker room and got into her tracksuit. She sprinted past famous athletes to make it in time for the announcement of the competitors. Avyanna’s name was called last and there were mutters of confusion. Avyanna stumbled to the starting line. Everything happened in slow motion. The gun was shot. This was it, but suddenly her leg screamed in pain. The dream was coming true and then her heart stopped. In the crowd there was a distant voice “strength, power, beauty”. Avyanna was sure it was a dream but in the crowd was a beautiful face smiling. “MUM!” Avyanna forgot she was even racing. She closed her eyes and ran. Slowly she lifted her head and smiled. Avyanna had won the gold at Olympics 2016. Avyanna’s parents were let through the applauding crowd. She was safe in her parent’s arms. Everything was perfect, because her mum was home again. There she was with her parents either side of her with the gold medal hanging from her neck.