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Galashiels Swimming Pool Update – Community Support Overwhelming as Refill Begins

The local community have been delivering incredible messages of support for Galashiels Swimming Pool after the pool was closed following vandalism.  The first two stages of the process to reopen the pool have been completed, the pool water has been drained and a comprehensive clean-up has been conducted to remove all glass that entered the pool. The refill of the pool has now started.

The pool will remain closed over the weekend as the refill progresses and an update on the reopening date will be issued as soon as possible.

Once the pool was emptied Live Borders staff were able to carry out a comprehensive clean-up of the pool to ensure all glass was removed. The refill process involves filling the pool with water, filtering the pool water, ensuring the water has the correct properties and heating the pool. 

Ben Lamb, Live Borders Facilities Manager, said: “We’d like to thank the local community for all their messages of support. We’ve had so many people offering their help, the support of the local community has been overwhelming.  Not only have our customers been visiting and phoning the pool but one member even assisted by providing joinery services to board up the vandalised window. 

“We had six members of staff in the emptied pool to conduct a comprehensive clean-up.  A substantial amount of glass was removed by the team.

“The refill has now commenced, once the water in the pool reaches a certain level the filtration can begin, additional water sources can be utilised to increase the water level and the heating can commence. Unfortunately, an exact time-scale can’t be provided at the moment as there are a number of factors involved in this process.  We hope to be able to provide an update on re-opening as soon as possible.”

Live Borders is the non-profit cultural and sport trust which is responsible for running six public pools in the Scottish Borders Live Borders has been working to reschedule classes wherever possible, Selkirk Swimming Pool has extended its opening hours to help accommodate swimmers. Users with a swim membership can still use other public pools as part of their membership.

Selkirk Swimming Pool will open on:

  • Tuesday from 7.15am - 8am for early morning swimming
  • Tuesday 7pm – 8.30pm for late lane night swimming
  • Wednesday from 7.15am – 10.30am for early morning swimming /public/lane swimming
  • Wednesday from 7.30pm – 8.30pm for the Triathlon Club
  • Friday 7.15am to 1pm for early morning swimming /public/lane swimming