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Local Artist Offers the Opportunity to Realise Your Inner Creative

‘Harmony, Composition and Klee’, an exhibition displaying works by local artist Graeme Walker, opens on the 2nd of July at Duns Museum and visitors have an opportunity to view not only fresh new work as well as older pieces from the artist’s repertoire but also take part in painting workshops.

Inspired by musical composition, this current exhibition features elements including seascape and landscape imagery from the areas surrounding the village of Longformacus, Berwickshire. Graeme Walker, Artist and Exhibitor, commented: “The words Beethoven penned in his score, ‘Missa Solemnis’ - ‘It comes from the heart, let it go to the heart’ - were of inspiration to me whilst putting together these works”.

Graeme is keen to engage with local people and give everyone an opportunity to develop talent in painting. Children and adults are invited along to workshops at the museum which will focus on experimental and expressive painting techniques. Children will get the chance to recreate their own piece of Graeme’s artwork, titled, ‘Sutton Who?’, while the adults painting workshops will use Graeme’s seascape and landscapes as a source of inspiration.

Ewan Jackson, Chief Executive, Live Borders said: “This exhibition is a fantastic chance for local people to experience merging of music and art to create something truly unique. As well as viewing inspiring work, the workshops are a great chance for artists, from first timers to dab hands, to learn from Graeme’s wealth of experience. It is another great example of the diverse range of services offered by Live Borders for the people of the Scottish Borders”.

Harmony Composition and Klee Exhibition available from:

Saturday 2 July 2016 to Saturday 13 August 2016 in Duns Exhibition Room, Duns Library Contact Centre.

Workshops available from:

19th and 26th July 2016 from 2pm to 5pm