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Rebeca’s Dream by Gudrun Yip, Parkside Primary

Primary Schools – short stories category

2nd Prize

Rebeca’s Dream by Gudrun Yip, Parkside Primary

“Stop day dreaming you really need to carry on with your homework” said Rebeca’s mum to Rebeca.

“Sorry mum.” Rebeca replied. The doorbell rang “ding dong ding dong.”

“Come in” shouted Rebeca.

“Hi Rebeca, I’m just wondering if you would like to come to the gym today?” asked Isabel (Rebeca’s friend) as she came in.

“Of course I’ll come, but I need to get my kit first” said Rebeca as she ran up the stairs.

“I’ll wait down here for you!” shouted Isabel.

Rebeca grabbed her kit and started running down the stairs. Then suddenly she slipped and banged her hip.

“Rebeca are you alright?” asked Isabel as she ran up to Rebeca.

“I think I’m alright” said Rebeca in a small voice but she remained lying on the floor and couldn’t get up.

“We better take you to the hospital for a check-up” Rebecca’s worried mum said.

So they carried Rebecca into the car and drove to the hospital. When they got there they went into the A&E.

“Rebeca Hill!” called a doctor. So Rebeca was given x-ray and afterwards the doctor said “I’m afraid Rebeca, that you’ve hurt your hip and you will need to use a wheelchair.”

“Oh no, how am I going to be in the GB basketball team?” worried Rebecca.

“You’ll just have to do without it” said her mother as she pushed her away on a wheelchair.

“Rebeca please don’t be upset, maybe you could take part in other competitions” said Isabel softly.

“That’s not the problem, the problem was that I was chosen to be the centre and now I can’t” as tears rolled down from Rebeca’s eyes.

After Rebeca signed out of her basketball team, none of her friends came to her house again. But after a week there came the sound of a knock on her front door. “Come in” said Rebeca softly.

“Surprised?” shouted Isabel. “Rebeca in place of you, I have now joined your basketball team!”

“Look I’ve been talking to the team and they suggested that you could join the Paralympics instead! said Isabel. Rebeca couldn’t speak at all, her mouth was wide open. She was so happy that she dropped her pen and hugged every one of the team members who came with Isabel.

In a few weeks time Rebeca was ready to play in the Paralympics and she travelled all the way to Brazil. Although she was nervous she was also excited and brave at the same time. When her team was called up she bravely wheeled on to the platform.

You may be thinking this is the end, but this is only the beginning.