Holiday Camps FAQ's

Holiday Programme FAQ

We know you might have some questions about our Holiday Camps so have answered some of the most  frequently asked ones here for you. If your question is not here please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

What will my children need to bring to Holiday Camp?
For those attending a full day, your children should bring a packed lunch, lots of water and snacks for throughout the day.  For half day attendees snacks and water are the order of the day. Your little ones should also bring along swimming kit for Holiday Camps that include swimming.

What are the lunch/break plans?
We understand refueling is vital so lunch breaks are normally taken together as a group at approximately 12.30-1.00pm. Lunch is taken in café or vending areas of centres, as we encourage children to sit and socialise together. The Holiday Camp Coaching Team will still be present to open those awkward bottles and provide any other assistance they require. Children will also be given the opportunity to go to the toilet before returning back to camp activities or be ready for collection.

What activities will my child be doing?
Each centre has its own timetable of activities planned for each day, so please contact your centre for full details. We aim to give your children the best holiday experience ever and understand that key to this is variety. Each timetable is filled with lots of fun activities and are a great opportunity for your children to try something new. We make sure there’s enough downtime too, with snack breaks giving everyone time to rest and chat.

Where will the activities take place?
Activities will take place in and around our centres and/or local schools – both of which are ideally suited to keeping children entertained and, as full risk assessments are carried out, ensure the safety and security of your children at all times.

Staff qualifications and checks
Our staff are recruited because they are enthusiastic and work well with children, but safety comes first. With this in mind, all staff are members of the PVG Scheme and have undergone first aid training.

What is the staff ratio to children?
Each activity and location defines the staff ratio to children but we work within the minimum operating standards to ensure the safety of your children at all times. Again, the team at your centre will be able to give you specific details.

Transition plans (between centres)
If the camp requires the movement of the groups to another venue, your children will be paired for the journey, asked to wear a hi-vis vest and lined up. The Holiday Camp Lead Coach will discuss the details of the journey and road safety with the group. Another Holiday Camp Coach will also accompany the children from the back of the line to ensure everyone stays safe throughout the journey. A full list of names and emergency contact details are held by the Lead Coach, along with a first aid kit and mobile phone.