Summer Holiday - Disability Sports

Live Borders, Scottish Borders Disability Sports Group and Borders Additional Needs Group are delighted to deliver an innovative activity programme, providing numerous sporting opportunities for children with disabilities across the Scottish Borders during the summer. All children with a physical, sensory or learning disability are invited to attend and participate at our summer camps. All sporting activities will be fully accessible and where necessary, coaches will try and adapt the skill or activity to suit the individuals’ abilities, ensuring each child will have a great experience. Our camps will be led by coaches, volunteers and local club representatives who have experience in working with individuals with a disability.

These sporting activities are associated with a disability pathway throughout the Scottish Borders, so any child who wants to develop their skills further can attend specific sessions at afterschool clubs, structured coached sessions or local community clubs.

We encourage all parents, guardians and carers to stay, interact and support their child as well as engaging with other parents. 

These Para Sport Summer Camps will create a positive and  enjoyable environment amongst all children participating; which in turn will provide an excellent platform for children with similar sporting abilities to engage together. 

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10 Jul Para Sports Summer Camp Earlston High School 13:15pm-14:30pm £5
19 Jul Para Sports Summer Camp Peebles High School 13:15pm-14:30pm £5
31 Jul Para Sports Summer Camp Tweedbank Sports Complex 10:00am-12:00pm £8
2 Aug Para Sports Summer Camp Tweedbank Sports Complex 10:00am-12:00pm £8
8 Aug Para Sports Summer Camp Peebles High School 13:30pm-14:45pm £8