Reserve a Library Book or Item

How to reserve:
  • Online 24 hours a day
  • By phoning the library
  • Or by asking staff in the library to do it for you

Reserve an item online

  • Search the library catalogue for the title you want to borrow
  • Select the item you want and then click on the 'Make reservation...' button
  • Enter your library card barcode and PIN (you are given these when you join the library.) If you don't know your PIN select 'forgot pincode' when signing in and a new one will be emailed to you
  • Choose the library you want to collect your reservation
  • Click the OK button to confirm the Pickup location and to accept the reservation cost

When your item is ready at your chosen library for collection, we will send you a notice or an email.

You can ask for an item to be kept (reserved) for you if:

  • It is held in a different library to the one you normally use
  • It is already out on loan to someone else
  • It is on order and is not in stock yet

You can choose where you want to collect the item from. It can be collected from your local library or from another of our libraries. There are some reasons library items cannot be reserved.

Reasons a library book or item cannot be reserved

  • Reference items - these items stay in the library for reference only. They will show 'Not Loanable' against the availability or 'REF' in the location information
  • Reservation limits - you have reached the maximum number of 10 reservations you can have at one time
  • Age specific items - some items, particularly DVD's cannot be reserved by junior library members

Waiting for a reservation?

When you have reserved an item of library stock we try to get it to you as quickly possible. If the item is very popular there may be a waiting list. When you make the reservation the library catalogue will show you how many reservations there are for it.

Need help to reserve an item?

If you require any further details or need some assistance reserving a library item: