Tokyo passport

‘Training for Tokyo 2020’ Games Passport

Update on the Training for Tokyo Passport – Thursday 19 March 2020

Paul Scott – Senior Active School Coordinator 

“Further to the announcement from our CEO on Wednesday, our Active Schools opportunities, many run in partnership with our cluster schools, local community clubs, groups, organisations and partners, will now be indefinitely postponed.

“Regrettably we have taken the decision to suspend the Tokyo 2020 Games Passport until further notice. This decision was not taken lightly.

“When community club opportunities re-start, we will provide an update on taking this brilliant opportunity forward. Please look after those passports in the meantime, take care and let’s take this challenge facing us all, head on.”

Following on from the success of the 2018 Commonwealth Passport, the Live Borders Active Schools team are ready to launch the ‘Training for Tokyo 2020’ Games Passport. We believe it is important to continue to build a lasting legacy in sport and physical activity participation in the Scottish Borders.

By launching this Passport, we hope to encourage as many primary pupils in the Scottish Borders to get active and enjoy a range of sports, all while trying to gain points towards a certificate, bronze, silver or gold medal of their very own.

Each P1-3 and P4-7 Passport lists a number of different sports at the Tokyo Olympics. Each sport has been allocated five points. Pupils can accumulate points by taking part in as many Tokyo sports as possible between Monday 2 March and Sunday 9 August 2020.

We have added opportunities to gain 10 participation bonus points this year. These are gained by pupils completing the same sport at least three times. This can be done for a maximum of three sports, giving a total of 30 bonus points. To claim these points, sports must be signed off and dated by the club coach three times.

Pupils can also gain 10 additional points if they join a community club or if they participate in a ‘wildcard sport’. The wildcard is any sport that is not listed on the Passport. To claim these additional points, the Passport must be signed off by a club coach or coach in charge of the specific wildcard session.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child took part in one of the sports as part of PE, can this be used to gain points?

No, points can only be gained on an extra-curricular basis. This means before school, during lunchtime, after school, in the evening or at the weekend.

The reason for this is that we want to encourage children to access opportunities within their communities where there are more sustainable opportunities for their continued participation.

What does and does not count in terms of recognised activity?

Activity must take place during extra-curricular time. Examples of when activities may be signed-off are:

  • After school clubs
  • Breakfast/lunchtime clubs
  • Weekend activities
  • Evening activities
  • Holiday Programmes

Activities that do not count towards the Passport include:

  • Any activity within curriculum time
  • Parents taking a session with their child in the garden or at the park
  • Uniformed groups where group leaders take different sports on a weekly basis, eg. brownies
  • Parents taking their child out for a ride on their bike or horse
  • School residential trips

Activities that do count towards the Passport include:

  • Any swimming pool based session (formal or informal)
  • Hiring a badminton court at a leisure centre/school
  • Uniformed groups where a qualified coach comes in to deliver a sports session
  • Community sport club sessions
  • Participation centres run by clubs or leisure centres
  • Live Borders Holiday Camp activities
  • Extra-curricular sport sessions that happen at individual school sites

Who will confirm the attendance at a Passport session?

The coach who delivers the session will sign and date Passports so please remember to take them along to all sessions that your child takes part in. 

When will my child receive their medal?

Pupils need to return their Passport to their school office by Friday 21 August 2020. Active Schools Coordinators will collect all Passports the week following and will issue medals to pupils as soon as possible during school assemblies or classroom presentations.

What happens if my child loses the Passport?

Copies of Passports are available to download from the right hand side of this page.

If you have any questions regarding the Passport, please contact your local Active Schools Coordinator:

DunsMarianne O’
HawickPaul Scott
KelsoLorna Esson