The 15th annual Live Borders Triathlon Series has been completed for the 2018 season.

The series consisted of 12 main events and three junior events, all delivered by your
dedicated Triathlon Team.

Live Borders wishes to thank all the competitors who took part in the magnificent series and the dedicated staff that make it run so smoothly.

Photos of the final leg of the series at Peebles can be found here -

Come & Tri -

Junior Triathlon -

Senior Triathlon -



“I felt I was ready for the step up and Kelso was the ideal place to do it as it is a
familiar course. I would always advise people who are thinking of doing a sprint triathlon
to come and look at the course first as it makes a big difference if you know
what lies ahead of you.” 
SARAH PHILIPS, speaking at last year’s Kelso Sprint event.

“I can see my results getting better and better and I am looking to continue that
improvement going forward,” 
SCOTT ROBERTSON, commenting on the results at Eyemouth.

“I keep coming back because I love competing and supporting the local triathlons.” KATRONA METHVEN, commenting on the events in Hawick.

“This is my first time in Selkirk I thought it was amazing. The view from the top
of the climb on the cycle run was just stunning and the staff
along the course
were fantastic. They were really helpful and cheered you up along the way which
really helps keep you going. I am really pleased and happy to have been part
of this today.” 
Spanish athlete DIEGO DE LA HOZ commenting on Selkirk’s Standard Triathlon event.