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Aria Alba: Carmen @ Melrose Corn Exchange


Carmen, a fiery, magnetic seductress, draws the soldier Don Jose into a turbulent love affair. As their relationship unfolds, Carmen’s free-spirit clashes with Don José’s dutiful sense of honor, leading them along a perilous path into a life of crime and eventual disaster. 

Bizet’s much-loved, timeless music takes center stage in this intimate community opera production, which gives a platform to singers from the UK and beyond.   

Directed by Jacob Zualski, this production is inspired by ‘poor theatre’, which seeks to strip down performances and highlight the actors’ physicality and direct connection with the audience. 

Aria Alba are a community Opera company in Edinburgh and have been supporting amateurs and young professionals on their opera journeys for more than a decade.

Live Opera at Melrose Corn Exchange – book your tickets here. 

When & where

Date: Aug 03 - Aug 04
Time: 14.00 - 16.00

Melrose Corn Exchange

Pricing details:

£18 (£12)