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Borders Collections Online

Borders Collections Online is our amazing new resource that includes descriptions, and in some cases images, of historic collections relating primarily to the Scottish Borders.

The collection currently comprises over 150,000 artworks, artefacts, archives and printed books held across Live Borders’ various repositories.

You can search by text, reference number, index term or repository to help find entries relating to your topic of interest, which you can then explore in more detail. The catalogue is ever-growing and we welcome your feedback on the layout and content available.

Enter the Borders Collections Online HERE.

Other useful external resources that may be of interest include National Library of Scotland Maps, National Records of Scotland, Scotland’s Places, and Past Map.

If you have questions regarding the catalogue or would like any assistance, please email: Collections@liveborders1.org.uk

Welcome to the Live Borders Digital Gallery!

As the leisure, sport and cultural trust for the Scottish Borders we are delighted to welcome you to this new space, a place of borderless creativity and expression where you can explore the arts, events and exhibitions.

Press play to begin exploring the interactive gallery. We recommend viewing in full-screen, press the full-screen icon in the menu bar at the bottom before you begin. You can wander round the gallery using your mouse, arrow keys or a combination of both