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Mobile Library Service

We are back!

In light of the pandemic this service is starting up in a new guise, beginning with one Mobile van covering the entire area.  Please send any enquiries to libraries@liveborders1.org.uk

The route has been planned to ensure that we meet the needs of our individual rural communities and allow people to hop on board and choose a book.

The mobile library will work on a three week schedule so this will give you plenty of time to enjoy your chosen books.

While we have been off the road we have purchased a range of new stock and we are sure that you will find a new and exciting read on board.

Your safety is our priority and so we have implemented safety features as with COVID guidelines so please be aware you may have to queue.

Have a look below and see when we are next in your area, we look forward to seeing you all soon!

DayDate of VisitLocationStopArrivalDeparture
MondayJune 7AshkirkThe Glebe09:3010:00
MondayJune 7LilliesleafMueslie Drive10:1510:45
MondayJune 7AncrumVillage Green11:0011:45
MondayJune 7St BoswellsBus Station13:0013:45
MondayJune 7Newtown St BoswellsGlenburn Avenue14:0014:30
MondayJune 7MidlemVillage Hall14:4515:30
TuesdayJune 8BonchesterVillage Hall09:4510:15
TuesdayJune 8ChestersThe Brae10:3011:15
TuesdayJune 8BedruleTBC11:4512:15
TuesdayJune 8DenholmThe Green13:3015:00
WednesdayJune 9OxnamVillage Hall10:0011:00
WednesdayJune 9EckfordVillage Hall11:3012:15
WednesdayJune 9HeitonVillage Hall13:1514:00
WednesdayJune 9SpringwoodMaple Crescent14:1515:00
WednesdayJune 9MaxtonGrantsfield15:1515:45
ThursdayJune 10NewcastletonThe Square10:3012:00
ThursdayJune 10BurnfootCommunity Hub13:1514:00
ThursdayJune 10CraikCentral14:3014:45
ThursdayJune 10RobertonVillage Hall14:5015:10
FridayJune 11Harestanes10:0011:30
FridayJune 11MorebattleShop12:0012:30
FridayJune 11YetholmMain Street13:3015:00
MondayJune 14InnerwickKirk Brae10:3011:15
MondayJune 14CoveCarpark11:4512:30
MondayJune 14St AbbsMurray Field13:3014:30
TuesdayJune 15PrestonLawview10:0010:30
TuesdayJune 15RestonPost Office10:4511:15
TuesdayJune 15FouldenCarpark11:5012:35
TuesdayJune 15ChirnsideClock13:3013:45
TuesdayJune 15Gavinton (TBC)Gavinton (TBC)14:0014:45
WednesdayJune 16SwintonThe Green10:0010:45
WednesdayJune 16BirghamTreaty Park11:1512:00
WednesdayJune 16StichillVillage Hall13:0013:45
WednesdayJune 16HumeCastle Carpark14:0014:45
ThursdayJune 17LauderCroft Road09:4510:30
ThursdayJune 17OxtonShop10:4511:30
ThursdayJune 17GreenlawDuns Road12:3013:30
ThursdayJune 17GordonMain Street13:4514:30
MondayJune 21West LintonBroomlee Court10:0011:30
MondayJune 21Romanno BridgeSchool Area10:3011:30
MondayJune 21Blyth BridgeTarth Crescent11:4512:30
MondayJune 21BroughtonVillage Hall13:1514:00
TuesdayJune 22HeriotShoestanes Road14:1515:15
TuesdayJune 22StowHall Earlston Road10:0010:30
TuesdayJune 22ClovenfordsOld Vineries10:5011:30
TuesdayJune 22TweedbankPond Carpark11:4512:45
TuesdayJune 22TweedbankCommunity Centre13:4514:15
WednesdayJune 23EddlestonGlebe Carpark14:2015:15
WednesdayJune 23CardronaVillage Hall10:0011:00
WednesdayJune 23WalkerburnPark Avenue11:3012:30
ThursdayJune 24EttrickBoston Memorial Hall13:1514:15
ThursdayJune 24Ettrick BridgeWoodend Road10:0010:45
ThursdayJune 24YarrowBridge11:0011:45
ThursdayJune 24YarrowfordVillage Hall12:4513:15
ThursdayJune 24SelkirkVictoria Hall13:3014:15
FridayJune 25Harestanes14:3015:30
FridayJune 25JedburghCanongate Carpark10:0011:30
FridayJune 25MelroseRugby Carpark11:4512:45