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Mobile Library Service

We are back!

Our route is changing, with a second Mobile Library route starting up soon – below is the current schedule however this will be updated with the new routes as soon as possible.

Please note that due to Melrose Library reopening this week the Mobile Library will no longer visit the town.

In light of the pandemic this service is starting up in a new guise, beginning with one Mobile van covering the entire area.  Please send any enquiries to libraries@liveborders1.org.uk

The route has been planned to ensure that we meet the needs of our individual rural communities and allow people to hop on board and choose a book.

The mobile library will work on a three week schedule so this will give you plenty of time to enjoy your chosen books.  Please check back regularly as we may have to tweak the schedule every now and then to allow us to offer you the best service we can.

While we have been off the road we have purchased a range of new stock and we are sure that you will find a new and exciting read on board.

Your safety is our priority and so we have implemented safety features as with COVID guidelines so please be aware you may have to queue.

Have a look below and see when we are next in your area, we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mon 13 SeptWest LintonBroomlee Court10:3011:30
Mon 13 SeptRomanno BridgeSchool area11:4512:30
Mon 13 SeptBlyth BridgeTarth Crescent13:1514:00
Mon 13 SeptBroughtonvillage hall14:1515:15
Tues 14 SeptHeriotShoestanes Road10:0010:30
Tues 14 SeptStowHall Earlston Rd10:5011:30
Tues 14 SeptClovenfordsThe Old Vineries11:4512:45
Tues 14 SeptTweedbankPond Car Park13:4514:15
Tues 14 SeptTweedbankCommunity Centre14:2015:15
Wed 15 SeptEddlestonGlebe Carpark10:0011:00
Wed 15 SeptCardronaVillage Hall11:3012:30
Wed 15 SeptWalkerburnPark Avenue13:1514:15
Thurs 16 SeptEttrickTushielaw09:3009:45
Thurs 16 SeptEttrickBoston Memorial Hall09:5510:15
Thurs 16 SeptEttrickCrosslee10:2510:40
Thurs 16 SeptEttrickEast Deloraine10:5011:00
Thurs 16 SeptEttrick BridgeWoodend Rd11:1511:45
Thurs 16 SeptYarrowBridge12:4513:15
Thurs 16 SeptYarrowfordMinchmoor Rd13:3014:15
Fri 17 SeptHarestanes10:0011:30
Fri 17 SeptJedburghCanongate carpark11:4512:45
Mon 20 SeptAshkirkThe Glebe09:3010:00
Mon 20 SeptLilliesleafMueslie Drv10:1510:45
Mon 20 SeptAncrumVillage Green11:0011:45
Mon 20 SeptSt BoswellsBus Station13:0013:45
Mon 20 SeptNewtown St BoswellsGlenburn Avenue14:0014:20
Mon 20 SeptMidlemVillage Hall14:4515:30
Tues 21 SeptBonchesterVillage Hall09:4510:15
Tues 21 SeptChestersThe Brae10:3011:15
Tues 21 SeptBedruleTBC11:4512:15
Tues 21 SeptDenholmThe Green13:3015:00
Wed 22 SeptOxnamVillage Hall10:0011:00
Wed 22 SeptEckfordVillage Hall11:3012:15
Wed 22 SeptHeitonVillage hall13:1514:00
Wed 22 SeptSpringwoodMaple Crescent14:1515:00
Wed 22 SeptMaxtonGrantsfield15:1515:45
Thurs 23 SeptNewcastletonThe Square10:3012:00
Thurs 23 SeptCraikCentral13:3014:00
Thurs 23 SeptRobertonVillage Hall14:1514:30
Thurs 23 SeptBurnfootCommunity Hub15:0015:30
Fri 24 SeptHarestanes10:0011:30
Fri 24 SeptMorebattleShop12:0012:30
Fri 24 SeptKirk YetholmThe Border13:3014:00
Fri 24 SeptYetholmMain St14:0514:30
Mon 27 SeptInnerwickKirk Brae10:3011:15
Mon 27 SeptCoveCarpark11:4512:30
Mon 27 SeptSt AbbsMurray Field13:3014:30
Tues 28 SeptPrestonLawview10:0010:30
Tues 28 SeptRestonMain Street10:4511:30
Tues 28 SeptFouldenCar Park11:5012:35
Tues 28 SeptChirnsideClock13:3014:00
Tues 28 SeptGavintonSouth Street14:1514:45
Wed 29 SeptSwintonDuns road09:5010:00
Wed 29 SeptSwintonThe Green10:0510:25
Wed 29 SeptSwintonWellfield10:3010:45
Wed 29 SeptBirghamTreaty park11:1512:00
Wed 29 SeptEdnamVillage hall13:0013:20
Wed 29 SeptStichillVillage hall13:3014:15
Wed 29 SeptHumeCastle carpark14:3015:15
Thurs 30 SeptLauderCroft Rd09:4510:30
Thurs 30 SeptOxtonShop10:4511:30
Thurs 30 SeptGreenlawDuns Road12:3013:30
Thurs 30 SeptGordonMurrayfield13:4514:30