Active Schools Newsletter

Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter, which will keep you updated on all things Active Schools and how the team is working alongside the rest of the business to help communities become healthier, happier and stronger!

November 2021

In November the Active Schools Team celebrates SportScotland’s monthly theme of ‘Community Champions’ and the re-launch of our Young Leader Academy. We are also on the look out for new volunteers – could this be you?!

October 2021

Celebrating ‘Active Girls Day’ and ‘Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week’, we look to celebrate some of the fantastic targeted work currently happening in the Borders and the inspirational people leading these opportunities and inspiring girls to be physically active.

August 2021

Find out what we got up to during our summer holidays and how we played our part in the ‘Get in to Summer’ holiday programme!

June 2021

Active Schools is back! Find out what we’ve been up to and how we are looking ahead to hopefully a more normal 2021-22 term!

December 2020

Our December newsletter focuses on volunteering! Volunteers have never been so important to the Active Schools team – find out where and how you can volunteer with us and the benefits you can reap.

November 2020

Our November newsletter will fill you in on what we’ve been up to behind the scenes while the team wait on the go-ahead for the restart of our extra-curricular programmes. Find out what we already have up and running to keep you active and what exciting plans we have to kick off the new year!

Get up to speed on how our facilities and services are now operating so we can welcome you back safely and how we can keep you and your families entertained throughout the winter months! Click the link above to see the newsletter.