Supporting local member clubs


ClubSport represents and supports local member clubs, organisations and individuals to help everyone to achieve their sporting goals. ClubSport networks within the Scottish Borders play an important role in local communities providing an independent voice for local sports clubs, regardless of size or sport. Collectively as the ClubSport clubs represent a significant proportion of the local community, this makes ClubSport organisations well positioned in the community for raising important local sporting issues with their local authority and locally elected members.

ClubSport is broken down into four areas:

– ClubSport Berwickshire
– ClubSport Ettrick & Lauderdale
– ClubSport Roxburgh
– ClubSport Tweeddale

Many clubs and/or individuals are already members of ClubSport. Those who are not can affiliate for just £20 per year for clubs or £10 per year for individuals, and start enjoying the many benefits that are on offer.

Being a member of ClubSport also allows member clubs to access the Coach Scholarship Scheme, which replaced the financial support that was available to coaches and umpires from ClubSport. The scheme was introduced to encourage new people to get involved in coaching and umpiring, and to provide financial support to motivate existing coaches to progress their careers.

Annual awards 2019

The annual ClubSport Awards nights were held once again in November 2019. The awards ceremonies help celebrate the achievements and contributions of teams/clubs/individuals across their region. Click on the below links to see 2019’s winners.

For more information contact:

ClubSport Berwickshire
ClubSport Roxburgh

Mark Forsyth –

ClubSport Ettrick & Lauderdale
ClubSport Tweeddale

Lori Lee –

The schemes available to your club and club members are:

Capital programme

Maximum amount payable is £4,000 or 50% of the total cost of the project if less than £4,000. Projects funded include Club House upgrades, or fixed equipment of capital nature with a life expectancy of 10 years or over.

Revenue programme

For clubs to purchase training equipment deemed to support the sustainability of the Club. The maximum amount payable is £1,000.

Individual grant award

For individual members of clubs attending regional or national training sessions and competitions outwith their normal club competitions.

The following levels can be applied for:

– Club Level – £300 on a 50% match funding basis
– Regional Level – £500 on a 50% match funding basis
– National Level – £750 on a 50% match funding basis
– International Level – £1000 on a 50% match funding basis

For further information please contact Mark Forsyth: or Lori: