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Headstrong is a mental health in sport project for those aged 16 and above in sports clubs across the Scottish Borders region. It aims to raise awareness, educate and remove stigma around mental health, mental wellbeing and suicide awareness.

Headstrong involves everyone within a sports club, from the coaches, players, committees and fans.  It aims to create a lasting legacy surrounding positive mental health in clubs, this will be done through the delivery of two interactive workshop presentations by NHS trained tutors.

Each workshop comprises of educational videos, group activities and group discussion. Workshop one is based around looking out for your own and others mental health and introducing methods to incorporate this into your sports club.

Workshop two focuses on suicide awareness, prevention and breaking stigma, through encouraging discussion surrounding suicide. Being open about mental health and suicide is key to destigmatising it and helping people.

After the two presentations a toolkit will be left with the club to help them become more Headstrong. This will include suggestions and guidance of how to implement ideas and training as discussed during the workshops.

To be more Headstrong involves implementing what has been discussed and suggested during these workshops. This will help to create an open environment to discuss and support mental health, mental wellbeing and help individuals feel able and willing to signpost others to ways that can help them.

Headstrong works in partnership with NHS Borders, Club Sport Borders and Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway.

If you would like to get involved in the Headstrong project please contact Jasmine Bunting: jbunting@liveborders.org.uk