Creative Learning Network

The Creative Learning Network (CLN) aims to develop the role and impact of creativity across the Curriculum for Excellence. The network consists of senior management, teachers, lecturers, youth workers, creative practitioners, organisations and businesses.

The network aims to:

  • Champion creativity
  • Stimulate the development of creativity in learners
  • Provide tools for teachers on Glow and the creative portal
  • Support Cultural Ambassadors in schools

Cultural Ambassadors are a network of teachers who want to keep their schools posted about external arts opportunities, such as theatre and museum visits, training, artists workshops and grants.

The network hosts Creative Meets at venues across the Borders and delivers professional learning for teachers. It also supports communication and partnership working between schools, youth groups, local and national arts organisations and funding bodies.

The Creativity Portal

The Creativity Portal is a collaborative environment for practitioners. It is designed to inform, inspire and encourage debate around creativity. It aims to stimulate new approaches to learning and teaching through partnerships between education and the cultural sectors, supporting Curriculum for Excellence. The Creativity Portal is a partnership between Education Scotland and Creative Scotland.

The Creative Projects Resource

The Creative Projects Resource is an online directory of creative and cultural providers who work in a variety of both formal (schools and colleges) and informal (youth groups) settings. It lists visual and performance artists, musicians, storytellers, textile artists, film makers and outdoor learning providers among others. It also contains useful advice with regard to areas such as funding, contracts and rates of pay.

We welcome contact from creative practitioners or organisations which can work with schools or youth groups.

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Tel: 01750 726400