A Creative Life Exhibition by Shirley Pinder

A Creative Life Exhibition by Shirley Pinder

An exhibition of paintings, collages and drawings by Shirley Pinder:

Inspired by the love of the sea, landscape and nature with an enduring influence on creative life as a textile designer and now an artist intuitively led by line, capturing the essence of place and space with minimal gesture – the deep shadows on a hillside; a flash of light on the horizon; distilled to a single brushstroke or pencil mark. The artwork has an immediacy and expresses a deep connection to a place.

The exhibition also presents a love of flowers, expressed in more detail alongside Landscapes which lean towards abstraction and minimalism using textures of charcoal and media that bring a unique depth and richness. Inspiration is found in the landscape seen on travels; the countryside and flowers around her home and the wildness of Mull.

‘The process to me is as important as the outcome and I sometimes feel like an explorer on a journey but not knowing where I will end up’. Shirley Pinder

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When & where

Date: Aug 24 - Oct 31

Halliwell’s House Museum, Selkirk

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Free – donations welcome to museum.