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An Exhibition of Work by Jacoba Paulus and Ewen MacDonald

An Exhibition of Work by Jacoba Paulus and Ewen MacDonald

Artist Biographies: Jacoba Paulus

Jacoba Paulus is a freelance visual artist based in Hawick with a focus on painting, drawing, and illustration.

Originally from Germany, she holds a degree in Design and Illustration from the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg. Her career spans a number of years of jewellery-making as well as teaching arts and crafts.

Jacoba moved to the Scottish Borders four years ago and has shown her work in various galleries in Hamburg, and more recently in Hawick. She is a member of the a-n Artist Network. Her latest works show imaginary landscapes and portraits of human and humanoid beings. ‘I experimented with keeping a state of aimless indefiniteness for as long as possible.

Artist Biographies: Ewen MacDonald

Ewen MacDonald was born in 1947 to native Gaelic crofters from the Outer Hebrides. Following some time at art college he worked as a chef, a baker, hewing stone, building and restoring old properties. He first came to the Borders in 1973 to help renovate Chisholme House. He now lives in Hawick.

Inspired by the landscape of moor, heath, woodlands and mountains, MacDonald says: ‘I do not try to copy life nor nature, but build from the inner vision’.

You are welcome to the Private View of this exhibition on Saturday 27th April 2-4PM


Please note that this exhibition is on the 3rd floor and that we have no lift access.


When & where

Date: Apr 29 - Jul 12

Peebles Library, Museum & Gallery

Pricing details:

FREE – Donations appreciated