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Darkness and Light by Christopher Kent

Darkness and Light by Christopher Kent

Darkness and Light is a new exhibition of work from Christopher Kent coming to Old Gala House this summer.

Christopher grew up close to the heavy industry of Teesside but now lives in the Scottish Borders. He is an artist, writer, performer and works in a variety of mediums, from wood sculptures to graphic novels, some of which he’s exhibited internationally. Much of his work is inspired by and incorporates language, his own writing and stories from his childhood.

This new collection of work will feature drawing, painting, sculpture and a performance piece called ‘Compulsion’ which is based on order, repetition of neurodivergency and explores the work of the filmmaker Orson Welles, the darkness and light of movies.

When & where

Date: Jul 29 - Sep 02

Old Gala House

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Free – Donations welcome