Bill Zima

Exhibition – The Architecture of Time by Bill Zima @ Hawick Museum

Exhibition – The Architecture of Time by Bill Zima @ Hawick Museum

Free entry – donations welcome

An exhibition of drawings and installations from this renowned artist!

In this ‘mini-retrospective’ artist Bill Zima explores major themes of memory, identity, and loss in addition to minor themes of myth and language. This is done with the simplest of tools – paper, pencil/pen, line, dot, number, letter – as transparencies and opacities of life are quietly meditated upon. Often taking years to complete, these drawings consider the negative and positive space of time in a variety of 2 and 3 dimensional ways.

Zima’s visual vernacular is nearly pre-lingual as he plays with scale and his facade of memories, cantilevered over decades of time, cascade with hierarchies of silence. They march with the echoes and repetition of a Muybridge locomotion and days pass, years fade, a lifetime flickers, and the tectonics of identity morph into personal myth. Murmurations of loss travel through the solids and voids of memory and spatial compositions nictate between the mental topography of past, present and future.

Artist Talk
Bill Zima – A Discussion of ‘The Architecture of Time’
Sunday 19 March
13:00 – 14:30
Cost: FREE – donations welcome

Join artist Bill Zima as he discusses The Architecture of Time, his new exhibition at Hawick Museum.

In this talk, Bill Zima goes behind the scenes and explores the scale of time and the dimensionality of the senses. Silent sound installations murmur and regurgitate layers of myth, language, and memory amongst the seen and unseen, the heard and the unheard.  Question and Answers will be afterwards.

To see more of Bill’s work, check out his Instagram here

When & where

Date: Mar 03 - May 08

Hawick Museum